Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Miss Y'all


Things have been busy.

Even if I don't write as much, I still think about
you all,
about writing, about the essays, the conversations.

Being in school has reminded me just how special it is to
have a
community to discuss ideas with. To talk about them,
even in their infancy.

In some ways the blog is an incubator.

Right now I am working on a Van Jones/Jeff Chang/Glen Beck
post. I know go figure. I have been encouraged, from my colleagues
about Beyonce and
R & B rather than Lil Kim.

I still may post the Kim post here.
I am trying to figure out how
to talk about Tyler Perry and
how an artist CANNOT buy
their way onto varsity.
Oh. And Chris Hedges.

If you do not read anything that I have
recommended this year,
or shit, for that matter EVER on this
blog. Read the new
Chris Hedges. He writes with a ferocity
that I can only
aspire to. He calls out names, he stops short of talking about
peoples mommas. My only critique
of his book is that it is
heavy on the critique and light on solutions.
the ways in which he talks about reality TV,
Pornography, the
Military industrial complex and the Ivy League
and Wall Street
is really quite remarkable.


I will be back.

I promise.



manaen said...

Me: "Did you miss me?"
Him: "Yeah, every time I shot."
(Conversation I had on-campus in California, 1974)
I have missed the calls to think during my morning check-ins recently. But we need time to sharpen the saw, so as you told me last year, "No apologies necessary. We live. We squeeze in the writing."

Model Minority said...

I said that. Wow.

Hmmp. That sounds pretty calm and fancy. I don't know where THAT girl went.

You will be happy to know that I am operating on a whole other plane now, or at least I am the extent that I am no longer afraid to loose a job or be fired for what I believe in.

I did have a scare yesterday....but I realize that if I go in presuming positive intent, instead of presuming that someone is out to get me, then that makes space for something transformative to happen.

Nexgrl said...

We'll be here awaiting your return. I'm sure that you'll find some time somewhere in your schedule to blog. Good luck with school

Model Minority said...

Thank you. I read and read and read and read and eat and read.

The good news is that I have come up w/ a layout for the Black book site. Now...just to find the time to do it.

the prisoner's wife said...

i know you're doing your thing. i can wait to read what comes next. you have a following. a voice. we'll wait.

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