Monday, September 07, 2009

20 Questions Monday


1. What would have happened if, instead of resigning Van Jones
the White House to fire him?

2. Have you seen this 2009 Van Jones/Willie Hortonesque video
put out by Meg Whitmans opponent?

2. Will I be able to write a blog post
in two weeks? Hopefully yes.

3. Why has my research interest shifted?

4. Did ya'll see the Law and Order marathon on last night, good clean fun?

5. Would you volunteer, 8 hours a months at a year around farmers market
in your neighborhood?

6. Would you like to read a little bit about the origins of Labor Day?

7. What were you doing this time last year?

8. Did you know that I have a special connection to the song, Here Comes
the Hammer?

9. Are you going to one of the Erykah Badu concerts?

10. Do you even care about "journalism" anymore?

11. Doesn't hurt when you go to another city/state and the groceries
are twenty to thirty percent cheaper?

12. Did you know that Black, Women's and Chicano studies exist on
college campuses because folks took over campuses, sometimes with guns,
and demanded to be included?

13. [Statement] I have come to the conclusion that everything that we
have as a benefit, has been fought for. Everything. And if we are to achieve
anything else. We will have to fight for that too.

14. What is the last movie you saw?

15. Why is it so hard to look at my part in disagreements, rather
then just tell other people they are wrong? [Lols]

16. Where is the album that will narrate my fall?

17. Would you be interested in helping me choose the blog posts that
I published
in book form?

18. Cook anything good lately? [Send me a recipe and a photo and I will
put it on Brooklyn Magic].

19. Did you know that much of my work on gender is rooted in the desire
to make a better world for my sweet, sweet, nephew, Baby Chris?

20. Why people more interested in analyzing racial oppression than gender


Anonymous said...

7. I believe that I had just returned to my apartment after evacuating from Hurricane Gustav.

12. I discovered this in college at Cornell, where Black students took over Willard Straight Hall and most of their demands were met.

14. I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" this afternoon.

18. My entire apartment smells like Honey Curried Chicken with a side of sweet plantains. I'll try to remember to send you the recipe and pic.

Vee (Scratch) said...

15. I don't have the answer but I know it is difficult for many people especially in relationships. Maybe you become vulnerable when you begin to open yourself to another viewpoint. While you may not agree or understand you're taking the time to actively listen without impatiently waiting to correct or force your thoughts down some ones throat.
. . . I don't know if that was clear, but that response probably could have been more concise.

corto said...

3. I have honestly enjoyed watching your 'shift' in interest. your growth forces mine. its exactly why i read this blog.
13. I would like to tattoo that on my forehead.
14. sunshine cleaning
16. you won't know that til winter.
17. just ask us what some of our favorite blogs were and why.

Model Minority said...

You went to Cornell? What did you study? Did they treat you well?

@Vee (Scratch) said...
I don't have the answer but I know it is difficult for many people especially in relationships. Maybe you become vulnerable when you begin to open yourself to another viewpoint
Dead on.
Peep game. One of my goals is to learn how to say my piece, and not try and control outcomes. This keeps me out of victimville.

@Court Bear.
I have honestly enjoyed watching your 'shift' in interest. your growth forces mine. its exactly why i read this blog.
Wow. You always have such nice things to say.

Remember how we were thinking of basing 100V on Color of Change. You see how Van Jones resigned?
***The sound of Black Girl Teeth Smacking.

Anonymous said...

I studied sociology with a concentration in inequality.

I spent most of my time on North Campus, either living or near Ujamaa Residential College, which is a program house that has spent almost 50 years cultivating the genius of young Black students at Cornell. It's creation was one of the demands that was met during the Willard Straight Takeover. I learned a whole lot about myself and the diaspora there, and there is a very tight-knit Black community there.

So, in short, I got treated better than I ever expected to be at a mostly white Ivy League school.

M.Dot. said...

Ujamaa Residential College eh? Sounds like the business. I think both Columbia and Barnard have Negro "houses" too.

I am glad that treated you well. I am on a really big campus now, and I don't think I could have survived all these people, at 20. Instead of 30.

manaen said...

18. Cooking.
Insidious for its simplicity
Remember 3 & 1:
* 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
* 1 can sweetened condensed milk (SCM)
Stir occasionally while melting ingredients slowly in a sauce pan. Epicures might add a dash of vanilla extract, *real* vanilla extract. Gluttons might add a tea- or tablespoonful. Texturists might add +/- 1 cup of chopped nuts.
Eat warm from pan or press into a shallow cake pan to cool. For potluck gatherings, shape on a colorful paper plate.
* For milk-chocolate fudge, use milk-chocolate chips
* For mint fudge, use mint chocolate chips
* For peanut-butter fudge, use peanut-butter chips
* etc.
# Dangerous Single-serving recipe #
During commercials, throw a handful of chips and a tablespoon of SCM into a cup, nuke for 45 seconds while you put the SCM can back into the fridge, then stir as you return to the TV. Eat with the tablespoon you used to dollop the SCM into the cup. Try not to repeat too frequently each night.
(Historical note: Clea was a veteran aide in the state mental hospital in Utah when I worked there in the mid-1970s)
manaen, 30 Sep 2009

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