Monday, August 31, 2009

20 Questions Mercury in Retrograde Edition


1. Why don't we just run out of the grocery store with all of our
instead of standing in those long assed lines, houngary?

2. What are you reading?

3. Do you have healthcare?

4. Why granola cost so much?

5. Will Jay Z still rap about selling crack when he is a 50 year

6. Why is it so hard to admit that we have allowed the white
of Black masculinity to define the terms of Black,
mainstream masculinity?

7. Why do I feel like I am morphing into a community organizer?

8. Why am I being forced, because of Saul Alinsky, to see that

no person, or non profit is all bad or all good?

9. Why I go to a Black wedding reception with Filthy, and was
reminded of how race is lived?

10. When will I have time to write blog essays again?

11. What are you procrastinating on doing right now?

12. What was the last sacrifice you made for someone you love?

13. When was the last time you forgave someone for hurting you?

14. How do you deal with friends you owe money to?

15. What do you think of how some of the Buddhist view pain?

16. How do you ease out of someone else's life?

17. How do you leave the door open for them to come back?

18. Why do I look at some of my old posts and totally disagree
with my previous statements?

19. Why is my lunch already made for tomorrow?

20. When am I going to learn to drink more water?


John Wilson said...

ah, let's see...

2. Consumed: How markets corrupt childern, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole by Benjamin R. Barber

3. hahaha

5. depends on market forces and those contracts he signed with LiveNation. Would he still be rapping though at that time?

11. homework

12. letting them go. that's the hardest to do, especially when before we actually confirmed our feelings for each other, we were basically platonic. i would state more, but that deserves an article itself

16. depends on wthether it's done consciously or subconsciously. if it's the former, you just involve yourself more with projects that don't require the other person in any way/ shape/ form. the key though is to not make it blatant because then the feelingsof dejection magnify hard. if it's the latter, that's just the passage of time and life working for you.

17. honestly, i don't have that experience.

18. that's your growth as a writer invested with experience and knowledge. if you still agreed with what you wrote years back that means in the time in between your perspective wasn't challenged sufficiently or at all.

overall, though, your thoroughness in research combined with asking the tough questions are the reason i constantly look forward to your posts.

keep with the good work

Unknown said...

2. What are you reading? New Stories From the South, God Gave Us Traveling Shoes, and New Perspectives on Racial Identity Development. Yes, I am reading 3 books at once. No, I dont talk to people :P

3. Do you have healthcare? Im guessing yes but Im privileged enough for it not to be in the forefront of my mind and to heap the responsibility on to my parents...crap growing up is gonna suck

5. It keeps him a millionaire

9. Why, was it a interracial marriage

10. After classes stop kickin your butt and start to become routine

11. getting a job.

14. I forget until they remind me, then I forget again, and I tell them if they want their money, catch me with my wallet

15. It intrigues me how Middle class American the viewpoint is written from

16. by easing chocolate in their place

17. sorry, chocolate contruction ongoing

manaen said...

2. Trick question? This blog at the moment.

• scriptures,
• Culture and Prosperity: The Truth About Markets - Why Some Nations Are Rich but Most Remain Poor (John Kay),
• Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-5 (Taylor Branch),
• Complete Idiot’s Guide to Football,
• Henderson on Corporate Strategy (re-reading) (Bruce Henderson).
• About to re-read a couple old favorites: Confronting the Myth of Self-esteem: 12 Keys to Finding Peace (Ester Rasband), and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirsig)
• Just finished: The Waste Makers (Vance Packard), The Children (David Halberstam – also liked The Reckoning), Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up (David Bercot), Counseling With Our Councils (M. Russell Ballard), Chasing America (Dennis Watling)

3. Yes, after years foregoing it as a consultant

4. Because there are those who will pay it

5. Ride the horse that got you there

7. Positioning for the White House?

8. Forced or led, shown, taught?

9. Dunno. DW and I attended a black wedding and a white wedding this summer without giving much thought about it.

10. In your case, I suppose it will be when you feel too much urgency to share the new insights you’ve acquired during your hiatus or to spotlight new (to you) issues to solve.

11. Financial package to obtain new financing for company

12. 2nd trick question? Is it a sacrifice when you feel you’ve bettered who you love? Maybe swapping my A/C’d car for DW’s A/C-less one this summer.
(DW = Dear Wife)

Model Minority said...

@ John, thank you for your kind words.

@Maenen You read like I write (at least use to)...Which is all the time.

@Karen, Whats the connection b/w Buddhism pain and class?

Unknown said...

Just how we view pain and what pain consists of. middle class pain is more based on things like breaking up with people, losing in touch with someone, verbal fights, divorce whereas pain is understood in more variants elsewhere it seems. pain like lonliness, losing a family member whom you're completely and totally dependent on and having no way to support yourself, having diseases and not being able to pay for treatment. of course some cases do have some instances but, typically, it seems that middle class generally have the stability to worry about the emotional side of things without the possible drop in economic status. also we get to pain as it is felt in different cultures outside the conundrum of american cultures. of course this is my general observation of middle class and im like, 19 and middle class, so my experience is limited. more like an not-so-edumacated guess

Unknown said...

but i do believe (so far) that looking at the pain one feels as a middle class person living in the US is going to be different than looking at the pain of someone from working class in the US or even middle class in a non-western culture

Nexgrl said...

1. I try to go only on Friday in the mid-afternoon.
2. Lover Man by Geneva Holiday(Bernice McFadden)
3. Yes
4. Each time I purchase it, I think about
making it myself. I think that might be
the only was to reduce the overall costs.
11. I need to finish painting my fireplace.
12. I make a sacrafice everyday.
13. It's been years.
14. I try to pay them back as soon as possible.
16. I've done it gradually, and I've also made a
sharp cut of all ties.
17. I've had the same cell# for 11 yrs.
18. You've grown, and changed your outlook on
certain things.
19. You must be ready for it to be over, or
you're anxious for it to begin.
20. When you make a commitment to better skin
and overall health.

Model Minority said...

@ Karen
Wow. I didn't expect to have a conversation about class and pain. I don't think that the link that I used does Buddhism and pain justice.

You are absolutely right. When you don't have food clothes and shelter taken care of, then all of th other irritants make life that much more trife.

Perhaps it may be useful to think of pain, across class and within class?<<<<---I been in class all day....can you tell?

Loverman, Really? How is it?
Side bar. Is there a literary industry publication dedicate to Black books or one that tends to blurb upcoming Black books.

Anonymous said...

2. The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall
3. I just started with Americorps yesterday, which provides healthcare.
6. Because we're so desperate for famous Black representations of ourselves that we'll keep allowing them to profit from this?
8. Because very little of anything is all good or all bad, we're just raised to think that way.
11. Sleeping
13. When I forgave my ex for being a jerk to me before we started dating.
19. If it's for the same reason that mine is already made, it's because you tend to wake up late and can't be rushing to make lunch before work.

Nexgrl said...

I finished Loverman in one day. I did enjoy the book, but it was short. I think she did this because there will be a continuation.

Model Minority said...

You remember when that Alice Randall beef happened. The "Gone with the Wind" estate tried to stop her from publishing.

Vee (Scratch) said...

5. He addressed this in the Black Album and Kingdom Come. He will continue to go with the what sells.

6. What I find interesting is that there are some rappers that are aware of this, particularly 50-Cent. They understand the range of emotions, thought process that they need to express in order to be successful and viewed as valid expression of black masculinity. The young fans will continue to beat their chest believing that they are keeping it real.

I believe 1 or 2 emcees address this issue about black masculinity on wax. Note, through his films the Great Debater and Antwone Fisher, Denzel Washington has shown different examples of black masculinity.

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