Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Writers Block


What do you all want me to write about? I know I used to ask this on a
more frequent basis.

I decided to
do so today, because......I need help deciding.

You see, I spent the weekend in NYC and I was away from the internets.

Now, I am looking it the internets sideways, because..because...because....

Because school is about to start, because I just read this new
Chris Hedges book
and I can't get it out my mind (its like when you kiss someone and you can't get
the moment off your byrd), because I have a little time on my hands
and because
I have relationship upheaval (I know, I always do, always processing, always
learning, lols)
, I just can't seem to write the way I normally do.
I am stuck.
Backed up.

Funny thing is I get grumpy when I don't
essay on the reg.
Yes. I used essay as a verb. You know what it is
(I also think Mod Min about to be 4 in a couple of days. Hmmp.)

So here are the posts that I am most interested in:

  • What Our Forefathers Taught me about Revolution and Black People
  • Why Lil Kim Makes Black Women Uncomfortable
  • 50 Cent Masculinity Requires Beyonce Femininity
  • Notes from a Waitress
  • So, I Learned that I am a Man (about femininity and how if I am a woman
    who stands up to men, then I am a MAN, and no longer feminine. Deep, hunh?)
  • The End of California (Why California will be our first modern "3rd world" state)
  • Our Future: Sustainable Local Economies
  • I See Myself in Henry Louis Gates
  • Sexism Hurts {Black} Men Too
Is there anything that you would like for me to address with regard to
this list, or something you have been curious about.

As usual, I look forward to your responses.


the prisoner's wife said...

i'll take...

*Lil Kim
*So I learned I'm a Man
*the end of California (cuz i've almost gone one foot out the door. the Arnold has terminated my stated)

Model Minority said...

Reminds me of Jepordy.

Alex, I will take Lil Kim for 400 Dollars.

I also have a piece on class. Not sure how to freak it tho. Watchy writing about lately?

Did I tell you my daddy moved to Vegas after 35 years in the bay. ummmm hmmmp.

Nexgrl said...

I would like to read Notes From a Waitress.

I'm with your Dad. I've been looking at LV for am minute. They don't seem to take too kindly to librarians who look like me. They seem to have the 1 at a time moto.

Model Minority said...


yeah.. I was the only waitress that looked like me.
It happens.

I will see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

The End of California


Sustainable local economies..

I remember listening to a show last year during the period of exceedingly high gas prices (for us) talking about how with the growing price of transporting goods, the way we cultivate and distribute goods would haft to drastically change, I would be interested to view your take on that.

Model Minority said...

Ok. I need to get my hands on this book called After America. to write the post.

Vee (Scratch) said...

50 Cent Masculinity Requires Beyonce Femininity
Damn, talk about BALANCE!! Should be good.

"Sexism Hurts {Black} Men Too"
Words only confirmed it, but witnessing it is really powerful! Note, I'm far from a male feminist or anything like that, I have a lot to learn but DAMN!!! What you don't know will certainly affect how you relate with people. Cue James Brown . . . "Its' a MAn's World!!!! But it would be nothing, NOTHING . . ."

I most definitely do not see myself in Henry Louis Gates and this is well before the publicized arrest incident. HOWEVER, I am interested in reading your essay.

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