Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twenty Questions Saturdays 8.15.09


1. Why they make the Asian dude in The Hangover act like
a stereotypical, loud, Black, drag queen?

2. What would Black bloggers write about if there was no
(institutional) white racism?

3. Why do I find myself nodding in agreement, laughing and
about blog post ideas every time I read Michelle Wallace's blog?

4. Did you see the article about the nearly 8 thousand people
lined up for free health care last week in Inglewood, CA?

5. Why did I send out my babies v. dreams questions and
quickly let me know that the issue isn't parenting or policy
but thinking within the nuclear and not an extended family framework?

6. Often times, when I hear people complain about the government,

I simply think or respond,
what are you going to do about it?

7. Why he bring me a pound of Peerless coffee back
from Cali and
I became a little less angry?

8. Why salmon teriyaki and black beans w/ salsa taste so good

9. When is Wordpress going to be customizable like Blogger?

10. Is the fact that the white folks are boycotting Whole Foods
indication of the contradiction sharpening?

11. What are you currently reading?

12. How different would our would be if we looked at people
humans first, then racial/gendered beings second?

13. Did you see the last episode of Roseanne?

14. Why am I excited about visiting the largest Buffalo Exchange

in the country in Las Vegas (so I have heard)?

15. The year is almost over, has it been a good one?

16. When am I going to have the courage to press publish
my critique of the Black blogosphere?

17. Why am I just not rediscovering that I have been trying
impress Adrienne Rich all along?

18. Why am I really excited about this Q & A with Rafi about

the sustainable of "constructive capitalism"?

19. What would republicans complain about if they made Gay
and abortion permanently illegal?

20. Why are there so many similarities in how both
The Black Power
Movement and Hip Hop treats women?

Me. Questions. You Answers.


Karen said...

1. because asian (oh psh excuse me, I mean Oriental because you know, they're like objects, duh) people are SO DIFFERENT from black people. i mean black people are loud rude and obnoxious and *cough* oriental people are like quiet and conservative and such SO it's like an OXYMORON! You get it? It's so FUNNY! -_-

11. Just finished Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Now reading: Lost and Found: Reclaiming the Japanese American Incarceration by Karen L. Ishizuka

12. We'd dance. all day.

15. it's been a bad one for people who claimed it was post-racial.

19. you know we're next after those two are illegal right? and all other POCs.

M.Dot. said...

1. Woooow. I didn't even see that shit. I was just like, ummmm. Thats not cool. Who knew? I will admit, tiger in the bathroom. Hilarious.

19. Well, we have been illegal, sort of, before.

the prisoner's wife said...

9. i am learning that wordpress is pretty damn dope (and customizable) if you're using the dot org version (which means you need your own domain). my girl, Adria Richards ( is helping me make the switch (coming SOON).

12. interesting. Bill T. Jones talks a lot about this. on "The Black List" he mentioned that he once said he was an artist first, and a black man second & caught holy hell over it (from black folks). if we stripped away race & gender it might make relating to one another easier. but on the other hand, i suspect that we would find other ways/means to separate ourselves (i.e. class).

Denise M. said...

2. I think most would quit blogging, though, or at least blog about their personal interests instead.

11. "Dead Man Walking" by Helen Prejean.

12. I agree with "the prisoner's wife", we'd just separate ourselves by class or religion. I think it's, unfortunately, human nature to want to feel that you're better than someone else.

14. Because cheap + clothes = awesome.

15. 10x better than last year.

16. Hopefully soon, because I can't wait to read it. I'm starting to see some issues myself, but I'm very new and I don't want to step on any toes until I know for sure what I'm talking about.

19. Immigration. Then crime (ie. lets put more Black people in jail).

20. It's not pretty when racism and sexism collide.

M.Dot. said...

Sooo excited about your switch to wordpress. Soon come, soon come!

@Denise M.
Thank you for stopping by and commenting.
If you weren't afraid of stepping on any toes, what would you say about the Black Blogosphere?

Vee (Scratch) said...

1. The stereotype is probably rooted in caricatures seen through popular culture. I wouldn't necessarily the character was portraying a stereotypical Black drag queen. But then again, what do I know about drag queens?

2. They would probably write about their hobbies.

3. WP is very customizable.

11. Love on the Racks by Michelle Nolan

16. Curious to see what blogs fall under the Black blogosphere

20. I probably mentioned this before but I suggest you read John McWhorter's Winning the Race. There's an interested chapter concerning the interesting cast of colorful characters that were involved in the Black Power movement.

hbsoul said...

4. i'll be in line when they do that in Illinois

6. that's the same thing i say when i hear people complaining about "black people won't/don't/never..."

10. what sort of "contradictions?" you mean contradictions among white folks? class contradictions? political alignment contradictions?

15. absolutely. 2006: learning the hard way. 2007: listening. 2008: reflecting & visioning. 2009: tremendous manifestation.

16. well come on wit it then.

19. there's always gun rights & immigrants.

20. because black power did little to change gender dynamics in our communities. and so it passes down...

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