Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wanted: Your Short Essays


I am currently reading Adrienne Rich's essay "Teaching
Open Language in Admissions" and I have decided
to run a series of short essays or posts on my educational

I have come to the conclusion that I have had a very unique one,
and I would like to use this space to share our experiences.

For instance, as a first year student at Mills, I tried to test
out of English 1. Not only did I not test out, but I was recommended
to take the grad student led reading/writing workshop along
with first year English. I was not amused.

I still remember the topic of my final essay for that class,
which was about how Adrienne Rich and Ntozake Shange were
creating a new language, in order to say new things that never
had been said.

I remember the professor telling the rest of the class that I had submitted
one of the best final papers. I was proud of myself.

The irony that I could NOT test out of English, was placed in the "support
workshop" but wrote one of the best essays, was never lost on me.

If you have similar experiences, please send them to me at


Anonymous said...
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the prisoner's wife said...

Anon, WTF was that? take that to your own blog.

anyway, sis this is a great idea. i'm trying to comb my mind now. school was so long ago LOL. i can't wait to read all the diff experiences though.

Anonymous said...

What are you collecting short essays for?

M.Dot. said...

Hi there Khalfani,

Thank you for asking.

At this moment.

A blog post about academic experiences.


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