Thursday, August 06, 2009

Twenty Questions Friday 8.7.09


1. Why bank fees make me almost have a coronary?

2. Why am I my fathers child?

Even though Manaen tells me, what seems like once a week,
why is it so hard to forgive, even if the act is for me, not the


4. Why when someone leave, you miss them, a lot, then you get
use to it?

5. What if some of the "birthers" flipped out and got violent with an Asian, Black
or Latino white person?

6. Why people stay saying that poverty is why our children can't
yet Cuba as a 99% literacy rate?

Why did it feel good when I ran into the Graduate, (he has always treated
me like number two)
who said I was glowing then proceeded to hit on me.

8. Why isn't there a Black Michael Moore?

9. Why I still be looking for a modern Pharcyde?

Why am I so competitive?

11. Why people try and make money off of everything, when everything
ain't for sale?

12. Why do i have to resort to crack game metaphors to explain capitalism?

13. Why do I still remember dig dugs pfn number?

Why do I want Tony Touch to DJ my going away/birthday party?

If Black people don't save Black children, who will?

Why do I love Bianybear for teaching me that I need to be vulnerable
and fearless?

Why my honesty make me feel vulnerable and free?

18. When will we have an honest conversation about
the fact that
automation is eliminating jobs that will never

Why we so scared to stand up for what we believe in?

20. Why "he" say that I ain't follow my heart last night?

I got questions, you, have answers.


Vee (Scratch) said...

6. I find the many excuses for our children ability to perform kind of crazy. Some people truly believe that more computers in the schools will help inner city schools improve.

8. Does there have to be a "black" Michael Moore? I thought the brother Byron Hurt did his thing.

19. I tell you why, because everybody can not be Kobe Bryant. I say that to say, everybody doesn't have the ability to lead and take action. Many people are perfectly comfortable following the initiatives of others.

Model Minority said...

That computer shit is bugged out to me too.
If you can't read, then whats the point? You will
be an illterate video game player, no?

Of course there needs to be a Black Michael Moore?
What better way to address social justice issues, then with documentary footage, statistics, interviews. Given the state low income Black folks, disporporate: HIV cases, poverty, forclosures, imprisonment, crack sentencing etc...

Everyone can't be Kobe? Hunh. Being a member of ones community isn't being Kobe, in fact it is the antithesis of Kobe. Its democracy 101. Do you believe that everyone has a contribution to make to society?

RPoeta said...

I love your twenty questions, ninabear!! Keep 'em coming!!

Miss ya!

manaen said...

1. B/c that means they’re making money off your money – theirs, OK, but yours???
2. "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." – Abraham Maslow. Unless we learn something else, we do what we learned from our parents, whether or not we believe we agree, because it’s all we know. It takes courage to decide to break those early ties and it takes work to become someone other than who they reared. However, we also let them control us when we reflexively jettison what they gave us. Independence is *choosing* whether to agree with them or not.
3. Because the changes this requires are some of the most difficult and painful ones we make. At first, it feels like we deny our value by not fighting back or seeking retribution for injury done to us and it’s the threat to our value that offends us. We feel that we say that we have no value if we do not try to defend it. Our society teaches us that the measure of our value is the damage we do in retribution to our offender, hence the commercially successful show-how-bad-is-the-bully-then-celebrate-their-spectacular-comeuppance-in-the-climax movies.
This is because we largely use others’ valuations to determine what we will believe to be our value. As we become what we are to become and firm in our self-assessment, others’ contradictions of it lose value to us. We can come to the point that we see an offender’s disparagement as the measure of the deficiency in them, not us. After all, they’re the one making the false assessment. If someone makes fun of the Mona Lisa, has the painting lost any of its greatness? Whose deficiency has been revealed? I believe the final stage is when we see these revelations as harmless to us but calls for us to help those who would offend us.
But, it usually takes time to work through this, sometimes years, not months. I apologize if I made it sound easy or quick. However, I’m discovering that it will yield peace and freedom. Some advice to a painfully-divorced woman that I like was, "Keep a place in your heart for forgiveness, and when it comes, welcome it in."
4. A good friend once said, “Life goes on when there’s a loss. It’s difficult, but it does.” And as it does, we grow in new areas that dilute the loss’s share of us.
5. Oh, please no! My hope is that the crazies won’t descend to that level. However, we’ve had, what, 5 sitting Presidents killed in office and others (Reagan and Ford recently) attacked.
6. Really!! When I lived in Argentina, the rag pickers in the street could read well. 98% literacy rate.
7. Maybe he likes glowing people.
8. I'd give you the current Michael Moore for an accurate one.
10. Been wondering that.
11. See Maslow’s quote again: this is how some folks see the world. As my wife noted a couple month’s ago, “There’s so many ways to get rich. My least favorite is to get rich off me!”
12. They fit well. Are you using the fitness of the metaphor as a comment on the subject?
13. Must have been important sometime. I still remember my parents’ number from the 1950s, but then my dad still has it.
15. My niece in Utah? Or someone else. Why would it have to be intra-racial?
16. B/c you’re not an insensitive ingrate – that’s a big lesson.
17. B/c you’ve grown enough to have that from honesty.
18. I don’t see a problem there. I do see a problem in that we don’t share the benefits from needing less human labor in a way that prevents that question from being asked -- and that fosters each person looking for ways to automate their job to have more time for higher pursuits without reducing their material benefits.
19. B/c we don’t relish the experience that our society imposes upon those who do it. B/c we seek our value in others’ approbation and fear losing it by telling the collective others that they're wrong.
20. Translation: "'He' say that you ain’t follow *his* heart last night." See #2 – are you his nail? Is he right or manipulating? What does your heart choose?

Model Minority said...




Geesh.All of em. Your a soldier. no?

Me being my fathers child meaning that we are
really similar. Its creepy when I see it in new ways. We are all our parents childrens. The good bad and the ugly.

Argentina has a high lit rate? Hmpp. I need to google their poly system.

YOU stay out of how competitive I am. LOLs.
Always have been. Its the Athlete in me.

You are right. It doesn't have to be intraracial.
However,there is something to be said for the
Black elite/ middle classes unwillingness
to think and act to help the advancement of children of the Black untouchables.

There was no manip. I wanted to send a good night text and didn't because I felt like i wasn't a priority that day. Upon reflection I was being passive aggressive, which is manipulation itself. :/ At least I recognize it:)

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