Monday, August 24, 2009

Twenty Question 's Monday


Via Post Secret
1. How you feel?

2. When was the last time you were caught reading something
had no business?

3. Why am I just now watching the Chappelle show?

4. Why have I made headway with my anger by replacing vulnerability
with anger?

5. Why ya'll never told me spinach artichoke dip went so hard?

6. When is the new Jay Electronica coming out?

7. If Black men were lynched to deter us from voting, then doesn't

angry white folk showing up to town hall meetings with guns make


8. Why is South Central one of the realest shows I have ever seen?

9. Why do I get the sense that if folks read more, they would
and write less?

10. Why does waking up in your own apartment feel so good?

11. Will I grow some green onions this fall?

12. Why is D.C. a big,' small city?

13. How many Law and Order episodes can you watch in a row?

14. How long will the liberals boycott of Whole Foods last?

15. What impact would having indoor year around farmers markets

have on the 'hood?

16. What would happen if the Congressional proponents said that
THEY were signing
up for the new healthcare plan they were advocating?

17. Why Black men look at me crazy, when I am walking on the street

with a white man, but they refuse to give the same look to dope dealers
on the block?

18. Why Saul Alinsky gave me the wiggles and forced me to rethink

waaaaay too much?

19. What are your three favorite blogs about news, art, books or music?

Cook anything good lately?

I have questions. You have answers.


RPoeta said...

1. I feel blessed today. It feels good to actually work on something that brings you joy.

2. Last night. LOL!
4. WhooHOO!!

13. 5 or 6. It is addictive..

15.A great impact and then the government will make it illegal because small business (i.e. unhealthy fast food business will lose profit)..

17. I know that look well. That's a very good point.
19. Model Minority Blog, Natural Beautiful Hair, and Basic Ruminations.
20. Yellow Rice (The Domincan Way, wink wink), Broccoli, and Chicken Stew.

Karen said...

1. kinda tired after first day of classes.
2. A few months ago when I read the Twilight series. never again
9. Cause slient thought processes are a lot more consuming
16. Healthcare reforms would suddenly be passed with the quickness
19. Racialicious, angry asian man, the angry black woman
20. sourdough bread

M.Dot. said...

@Rebel Poet
Thats awesome. I had to learn the hard way.
I am going to check out basic ruminations.

You make Sourdough.
Recipe. Share. Now.

Congratulations on completing your first day of class. I will be right there w/ you next week.

We can e-gripe together:)

manaen said...

Two ---> "two many"
Dunno. Still waiting for them to try the same hiring laws and social-security program as they mandated for the rest of us.
Seems they assured a bumpy ride for this health-care plan when instead of only being a new welfare program for the folks who are not happy without coverage, it also became a restructuring/intrusion into the coverage of people who are happy with what they do have now. They figured out how to annoy more people than they please.

Model Minority said...


Ha! Re 16.

Ummm. You can't change a system w/o affecting members who benefit from it.

I often think about that when I see shiny Black people in NY or DC. How can I have a conversation w/ them about capitlism when it is TOTALLY working for them?

It is easier, of course to have a convo about it with someome, who the system isn't working for.

It funny, When I saw that they were bailing out the banks, I kept saying, Nationalize health care, and now they are, and look at it. I should have asked for incluisive, comprehensive. No?

ENIG MUE said...

3. Why am I just now watching the Chappelle show?


ahnka said...

1. feelin good homie.
6. *sigh* i ask myself this question every day.
10. for me, it's because i drop a whole lotta $$ on rent every month so i'm getting my money's worth.
11. i hope you do. i'm growing basil and mint right now and it's been lovely.
14. i don't know but i hope it's for a while. lately whole foods has been less crowded and having more sales, so i can now shop there in peace.
15. depends on which hood you're talkin about. depends on whether or not people believe/understand it's beneficial to all.
17. were you walking down franklin ave?
19. this one. ill doctrine. fresh selects.
20. i made a quinoa, red grape, orange and cashew salad. but that wasn't really cooking. too hot for cooking.

C said...

Post secret consistently makes me roll my eyes because some of that mess is just too BEYOND to be even possibly true. I hope.

19. What are your three favorite blogs about news, art, books or music?,, - these are some I like a lot.

20. Chocolate espresso cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I could eat them all day. Okay, so I had a few.

Vee (Scratch) said...

1. aiight

7. hmmmm mmm

8. I loved that show. In and out, 1 season.

13. I could watch a marathon . . . SVU and Criminal Intent. Don't care for the original though.

Anonymous said...

Given that I’m coming off the worst month of my life (August is still here so let me knock on wood) I feel relatively good to have things returning back to normal a lil bit.


Anger masks so much, so when it goes something inadvertently fills the void. Hopefully something will take vulnerability’s place.

Excellent Point

Law in Order will make ya a** a sedentary being for real

I’m at work answering these so I gotta get at that this question which requires a deep answer later

Music “Smoking Section” / News : I don’t have one unless the 18 million sites in my Google Reader count/ I kinda feel a certain way about my self given that I don’t visit any art or book sites/blogs

MV said...

i thought i watched all the Law and Order episodes, but apparently i didn.t

i mcguivered a spicy beef stew with carrots, peas, yams, and potatoes the other day. yummm!

Anonymous said...

2.I haven't read them (yet) but at someone's house has 3 books that make my heart skip a beat "Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung" and "Unorthodox Marxism" "The Science of Revolution"
9. and watch less t.v
17. The father of my son is white...I know the feeling

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