Monday, July 18, 2005

Me and Redman & Doom


Why didn't anyone tell me that the Ikea instructions only have graphics? There is a certain amount of stamina that furniture assemblage requires. It is sorta like a marathon. Redman and Doom helped me learn how to use a drill and assemble an Ikea bookcase, armoire and entertainment center. Well, they did not help me literally, but I did listening to Vaudeville Villan and Dare is a Darkside. The entertainment center still needs a little bit more work. But that will get handled tonight.

In an ironic twist there was an article in the Times yesterday about a man volunteering to build an armoire for his girlfriend after she moves into his apartment. I was happy to learn that other couples were going through armoire pain too. It gave me a burst of energy.

There is nothing like getting three quarters through assembling an armoire only to learn that the two largest panels need to be switched around. Which requires breaking the entire thing down. However, I no longer have any furniture assemblage anxiety. Infact, I may ask for a more powerful drill and a saw for my B-Day:)


jpollard said...

HA,ha, one of the main selling points of IKEA is that they're shit is supposed to be easy to assemble. Lucky for me I have a girl who is good at that shit and fixed my entertainment center that I built wrong. I have a dresser that I need to put together that I'm not looking forward to.

LightDigga said...

man, i am starting to hate ikea. i buy sh!t from there thinking how smart i am for getting something relatively cute for cheap but then a year later its falling apart. there's a metaphor there isn't there...

anyway, congrats on figuring it all out and for having the patience to pull it apart and start over.

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