Friday, July 29, 2005

*Shakes Head in Shame*


Just another reason
I need to come with my A game and stop eating chicken. I know many of you will laugh, but I only learned recently that chicken eat every thing that is on the ground. Gross hunh. Poop. Dirt. Ewwwww. Now the Times is talking about the fact that there are some DANGEROUS ANTIBIOTICS that are pumped into the chickens.

Or perhaps I need to go for broke and join the
Park Slope Food Co-Op so I can get my my organic chicken thigh's and organic pomegranate juice to wash it down.

I read Danyel's new book, "Bliss" last night. The main protaganist, Eva, works in the post Pac/Biggie music industry with an artist that I can describe as a combination of barefoot & performing- inscense burning-Badu with the cross over appeal of Celine Dion. Eva drinks a lot, f--ks a lot, and runs with the Big Boys in the industry. Because I am sort of fact and conflict obsessed, I spent the first 2/3rd's of the novel looking for Eva's motivation for her alchol addiction and her ambivilance regarding her pregnancy. Danyel, I loved the father figure. He was on point. Protective, loving, shrewd and competitive. It was good to see a GROWN Black woman's perspective on the music industry who was struggling with her own NOTIONS of family. Lord knows I have been there.


CultStatus said...

You: From the town, livin in NY now?
I love it..
i'm from 51st and e one four, but in atl now.

I'll read you daily!

Hummingbyrd said...

Cult status. I am glad you are feeling it.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air.
I been out here for a minute, but now with Jet Blue, I be in the town 2-3 times a year. In fact I am about to go out there on the 11th.

If you read daily, why you ain't put up no comments!!!

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