Thursday, July 07, 2005



I know that some of you doubt that such a time has ever existed. I did not even know that this book was being created until I saw the pictures from the book release party. Of course it was instant happiness as I have been fascinated with Oakland before crack.....D.C. before crack......the U.S. before Crack.


11twenty said...

I am from Oakland, living in New York at the moment, and I too am facinated with inner city's before crack. I do remember life before the drug took over, and let me tell you the 105 homicides a year, the siren's at night, and horrible attitude of the OPD were not apart of Oaklands culture, and I think that it makes me sad.

M.Dot. said...

Yeah. I know. I think that the majority of the OPD came from Concord, Sacramento, Walnut Creek...etc...
Just to make sure they were EXTRA MEAN and racist.

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