Monday, July 16, 2007

Hip Hop Nerds for America Annual Conference is August 5th and Im Going.


There is no such thing as Hip Hop Nerds for America,
but if there were
Matthew Birkhold, would be its president.

Peep his article titled, Patriarchy a Primer for Men,
which is in response to, "
"Hip Hop Dogmatism
and Potential Problems for Political Organizing"
and I thought I was nerdy. LOL.

Peep his theory:

In response to "Hip Hop Dogmatism and Potential Problems for Political Organizing" I have received two consistent criticisms, "You haven't defined patriarchy, and, "You haven't given us any solutions." I respond to these very important criticisms below.

What is Patriarchy?

According to cultural critic bell hooks, "Patriarchy is political-social system that insists that males are inherently dominating, superior to everything and everyone deemed weak, especially females, and endowed with the right to dominate and rule over the weak and to maintain that dominance through various forms of psychological terrorism and violence."

In other words, patriarchy is a social and political system that gives men privileges, which result from a socialization process that teaches people heterosexual men are superior to women and all non-heterosexual men. Sexism is a consequence and symptom of a society that practices patriarchy.

Hip Hop Nerds for America. *******Bubble cloud
appears over head.
I smell a T-Shirt.

W/ Obama Gore '08 on the back.

Somebody call Marc Ecko and tell young
to make that sh*t pop off.


Would you go to such a conference, Why or Why NOT?



neo said...

I dunno if I would..too many hit dogs will holler...and me I'm the type that I don't need to rah-rah-rah-roar to get my point across.

HippieChyck said...

yeah...what can i say, i'd rather just take my mp3 player, a print out of some lyrics, and a collection of social theory essays to a quiet sun-dappled corner, and call it a day.

M.Dot. said...

I'm the type that I don't need to rah-rah-rah-roar to get my point across.


Yes you do. Thats your favorite thing to do.

M.Dot. said...

sun-dappled corner, and call it a day.

But this is soooooooooo singular,
and we all know that the majority rules.

Im trying to rock that 51%, big group status.

neo said...

I don't in real life. You *think* I do 'cos I comment on your blogs in that fashion to tug your naps..

M.Dot. said...

in that fashion to tug your naps..


dallas ain't gone have too much of you "tuggin my naps", lol.
Nigerians apparently LOVE to flirt.

neo said...

bol' I wasn't flirting, THIS time at least.

truss' I knowatimeitiuh *in houston accent*

lol. dang and you just str8 up 'fessed up..

you had better call me and give me the cia on what the haps is..

M.Dot. said...

I Ain't fessed up sh*t.

You know that @ss is full-o-sass!
I needs the phonetics on this jawn.

It looks delish.

neo said...'re a special albeit cute case. :-)

Dame said...

If Obama/ Gore ran as a ticket…even some super liberals would hope the Secret Service took a day off where they successful in attaing office..

I don’t think Hip Hop from a laymen or intellectual standpoint is avoiding the issues he speaks of. When you are under siege you haft to practice self preservation then proceeded to get right later.

-----"this essay argues that being hip-hop is often a roadblock to intellectual honesty and hinders political organizing by allowing us to deflect critique".------------

Wow…. What a f***** statement… hmmm maybe how like being American is a roadblock to being intellectually honest to foreign policy? Or how the millions of advertising revenue garnered from pandering to belief systems of the majority audience excludes a more balanced telling of reality, in this case dealing with Hip Hop?

-------"When people identify as hip-hop, using the phrase, "I am hip-hop," criticisms of hip-hop may be internalized and may thus pose a problem for political and intellectual work."-----

---"Gender has certainly suffered in the wake of a profit-driven rap game.The image of black women and men must certainly be considered among the costs."---------------------

In capitalism, invariably somebody suffers to a certain extent. The system we live by teaches one to attain success first and foremost, and hopefully (maybe) bring those loved ones we hold dear along for the ride. and my fam…f you…the thing is…that it doesn’t or din't haft to be this way… but the record companies want a certain type of music..PERIOD, they don’t want to here the diversity of thought hip hop can bring

---------"They were further angered when Black Noise author Tricia Rose said that, because the music had internalized capitalism and misogyny, it was time to let hip-hop go."-----------------------

If they have taken, co-opted, argubly ruined one art form and way of expression they will do the same to the next. We cant abandon hip hop,.we haft to take it back…

I also find it funny…that its always about black women and the negative image portrayed of them in videos…but.. what about the genetically indescribable women who seem to garner the majority of the “video girl” postions?
What about the question of us not viewing are own women…(in all radiant variances) as lovely or fit for viewing, bottom line most desirable

-------"Unfortunately, the PHHC has not picked up where Beyond Beats leaves off. In response to the attack on hip-hop, the PHHC has called for a wider representation of hip-hop's musical, aesthetic and cultural diversity without addressing the culture's internalization of capitalism, misogyny and patriarchy".----------

When people are introduced to a larger variety of ideas. Then there thoughts and consequently there actions change…./ Defending hip hop is necessary because a lack of defense …accepts wholesale guilt…

------"While there is no question that a broader representation of hip-hop is needed, such an achievement will not eliminate sexism".--------------------------

You never eliminate ills…the diversity of perspective can greatly reduce. its prevalence…
And I thought Busta Rhymes not Mos Def walked out the room….

------"While rappers such as Dead Prez and Immortal Technique take revolutionary positions on race, neither have progressive views on patriarchy"---------------

It was the same thing with the panthers…. As Michael Eric Dyson states. its the same thing with some the religious intuitions that criticize hip hop

The primer article was very informative and appreciated..

As for the Conference

If the name was refashioned to something….ehhh “cooler” (cant get wit nerds…and I’m a guy that lost out on a very sexy Canadian experience. because I was fashioned to be a poly sci geek by a much more beautiful poly sci geek” I would go… I love hip hop, learning, find ways to improve self.

M.Dot. said...

When you are under siege you haft to practice self preservation then proceeded to get right later.


Are you analyzing the Birkhold Article?

genetically indescribable women
What tha f*ck does that mean?

If Obama/ Gore ran as a ticket…even some super liberals would hope the Secret Service took a day off where they successful in attaing office..
I don't get it.

Dame said...

Yeah to an extent…. I really wanted to get a sense of where he was coming from so I read thru it.. To Be honest tho… sense typed words don’t always convey the message….I gotta ask how you ment that yo.. cuz you coulda ment I missed his point…which I could have. Things other then do rags have went over my head before

When I say “genetically indescribable women” I’m loosely commenting on overwhelming propensity of Black mc’s seemingly being attached to one form of “exotic” beauty, they hold up as being ultimately desirable.

From Wu-Tang back in the day saying “We import those”

To Comments Kanye made a lil while ago

It seems to envelop some self hate, with a sad ironic twist to it. We are in some forms of art abusing women, but even in its negative form it manifest some desire. The damn near wholesale exclusion of particular types of women, has to have some negative affects also. Seemingly not being wanted. is often just a painful as being exploited.

Sad thing about what ye said…and this is kinda off subject…and just my opion ….. is what are know as Black Americans and “Spanish” people are derivatives of various races anyway.. smh Seperation is a bad thing…..

Beauty is beauty, and the pallet of humanity offers a wonderful variety, but when you consiously exclude those resembling you, something’s wrong

Sorry ..bad joke I guess…

My thing is that liberals love Al Gore so much that they might want to see him head the nation not Obama. Hence the secret service taking a day off

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