Monday, July 30, 2007

I Miss Y'all.


Thank you to all who Donated.

Platinum Donor- Jason Pollard

Gold Donors-The Minority Reporter, M.Z., NexGrl

Silver Donor- She Hate me.

Life Got Trill.

And I am moving to back to the Bay.
Hard out here for a

And. On top of that, your boy, Sweet Jesus HAS DECIDED,
in the midst of all this, to make me "his work".

"Ah blood, Is that chyour work?"

Who knew?

Open post.

Roll Call.

I miss y'all.


What do you do when life gets trill?



Capital P said...

Wow... I feel you ma...

When life gets on that Trill shit, I usually drop a few tears from the frustration, and then I try to move from that area/energy where it got so Trill.

Sometimes, that means just moving away from people, or from situations, or even from a city.

In my most recent situation, it meant moving from all three.

I'm glad I did though.

Capital P said...

Oh, and I've been checking your site every day for new posts... I miss you too m.deezy!

Nexgrl said...

So does this mean that you'll be transfering schools, or are you going to wait until you complete the program that you're currently enrollled in?

stephen said...

We're all here.

neo said...

Your someone's work?

M.Dot. said...

At Cap P.

Man Listen.

You HAVE NO IDEA HOW LARGE your network is UNTIL you need it.

TRILL talk.

That move.

That move.

That move.

M.Dot. said...


Hi ma.

School is up in the air, hence the trillness of the situation.


We been going at it since MAY,
if you can believe it.

M.Dot. said...


I asked myself the SAME question.

Your boy is a Beast.

A beautiful beast.

Especially in light of the fact of what I have been going through, I have realized that I can't front on someone who is BEING A STANDUP DUDE. Especially when I have NOT explicitly stated (even tho I have conveyed it in other ways) WHETHER I was committed.

Smell me?

IM greasy, and how HISTORICALLY I have felt about Christianity.

Keeping that in mind,
Lets just say, your girl stumbled into a church on Tuesday in Tears, cuz all this sh*T was so overwhelming.

I am the living embodiment of
"Getting Closer to God in a Tight Situation".

I know P ain't have ME in mind when he said that sh*t, but damn if it ain't true.

neo said...


It is well with ya know I gotchu..

lightdigga said...

what do u mean 'hard out'???

She Hate Me said...

Damn, now I feel bad (I hate Cox Cable, I'm moving over to Verizon FiOS ASAP).... but I'm still Silver like that Patrón I drink on the regular...

But anyway.

Thanks for the honors, and if your PayPal is still open, give me another chance to donate (again).

Don't worry, we miss you, too.

Back to the Bay, huh? Do your thing.

Just make sure you remember us over on the Left Coast.

M.Dot. said...

@ Jonezy,

My BK situation didn't work out.

She in Miami, and I am Cali Bound.

Shit I miss my nieces and nephews blood.

On mommas.

If god wants it for me, Ill be back,
like Canal boot legs and cooked crack!

M.Dot. said...

I'm still Silver like that Patrón I drink on the regular...

You are reminding me of my going away adventure. Ten minutes ago.

You good money.

Suffice it is to say that you WERE THE FIRST DONOR.

THE JUMPIE, if you will, lol.

Aunt Jackie said...

ooh when life gets how life gets cuz it be that way, but won't no city turn cold on you the way the new york is, i pray.

I pray
i pray
i pray and i pray

pray believing in a better tomorrow, a better moment than the last a better day. mostly cuz i don't know how to ask for help much besides my daddy and my daddy on high.

do you sister girl, life's rewards are yours cuz they are yours, not cuz they are situational...may your blessings lead you to right where you are supposed to be!

The Minority Reporter said...

"I'm still Silver like that Patrón I drink on the regular..."

I phucks with She Hate Me

T DOT said...

Keep ya head up.
Things happen for a reason.

Perfect Storm said...

Wait!!! I know I've been out of it for a minute, but, you're REALLY leaving? Without sounding like a crazy stalker chick (cuz I'm not!) I always had it in my head that one of these days we would meet in Union Square and get our sista girl talk on.

But, life has other plans. When life gets TRILL it's usually saving you from something really horrible, while opening you up to something completely wonderful and new. The catch is that you feel pretty shitty and confused in the interim. It opens up nicely, though.

All the best, chica. It really IS bigger than us, right?

Anyway, I'll still be giving my two cents on your two cents.

M.Dot. said...

@ PS.
Yes Im in the bay.

Will I be here for long.

I actually and working on a website that will have me in New York ONCE a Month....if all goes well.

Shoot me your info and we can arrange a laink up when I visit.

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