Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Welcome Home.


Home. While packing yesterday, I lamented some of the the things
I got rid of. Man. Im giving my life away.

Then I marinated on it a lil bit, and thought to myself,
I ain't getting rid of my life,
just some sh*t I collected along the way.

It may sound all ZEN now, but that sh*t was NOT cool at the
time I was going through it.

We have SUCH emotional attachments to the things we

Which brings me to today's theme.


There is something interesting about change.

The new banner is courtesy of our friend Twinkle Toes.
I called him the other day to give him a update on my status,
andhe got off the phone so abruptly that if I didn't know
any better, I would sworn I had just gotten dissed.

[I opened up my e-mail this morning to find an apology.
The bug out is that I will be in a new area code, and he is unaware
of this, so the apology, while decent, is a tad late].

Go Figure. In light of all this, he hit me off w/ the
new Fly MM banner, with the specific colors I wanted and erry thang,
so a dame can't complain.

I think I like to hangout in airports because it reminds me of camping.

Lugging sh*t around.
Sleep in uncomfortable positions.

Lots of strangers.

Speaking of strange,

Why are their birds flying around the La Guardia food court?

Why did I see Latrell Spreewell in the airport restaurant last night ?

I had to call my brother and whisper into the phone, Blood, whats the name
of dude, with the braids that usta play for the Warriors, then went to the

What is it about La Guardia that compels me to miss flights?

Why is Sweet Jesus gonna put me in 3 head locks for missing
above referenced flight?


Welcome to the New MM. What do you want me
to post about first:
Pimps Up Hoes Down, Bonds
and Vick or Jeff Chang's
Total Chaos?

Oh. I know what I got for ya'll.

Man. We were working on this post....way back in March.

Sh*t is Muah! [[[Birkhold, brace yourself]]].



Commish CH said...

my man Latrell. When you see him again, tell him we could use his jump shot out here.

seen510 said...

I love the new look real official.

The Minority Reporter said...

I so was on the phone with the neighbor til i literally fell asleep. I left the "official" phone at home cuz we switched batteries this morning (soooo hood) and I just checked the msg from work....WTF...why u always miss ur flights? I will refrain from my SJ comment ha ha :::imitating jiggas ain't no nicks::: ha Ha!

arite homie...gosh ur vernacular is rubbin off on me...get it OFF!!!! ima holla at u later

T DOT said...

New look is fresh.

Bonds first.
Then Jeff.
Then Pimps Up Hoes Down.

I'd love to hear what you think about Bonds.
Top of the apex with some hip-hop, exit it with some social commentary.

Nexgrl said...

Change is great. I wish you the best on whatever path you choose.

jpollard said...

pimps up, hoes down- when you leaving?

She Hate Me said...

"The only thing in this world that stays the same is change itself."

While the jury is still out on that one, I, for one, have learned that adaptation is key for survival.

Adapt to your surroundings.

Thanks for the welcome.

Go at Bonds first. I wanna pick your brain about him.

And yes, people, I said pick her brain.

lightdigga said...

man, dude. i am sad you're gone.

take care of oakland for me....

neo said...

new layout is fly...*squints @ profile picture*

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo
neo said...

new layout is fly...*squints @ profile picture*

knew your lil scruffy ass was gone say something.

Thats why I made sure that Pict could not be blown up.

M.Dot. said...

seen 510


I flipped that ish at 6 in the morn at Laguardia like what.

Speaking of which, I am gonna do a Womans Guide to Travelling piece.

trill talk.

Cuz this shit is draining.

There were storms in Dallas last night, so were circled for an hour
THEN went to Shreveport,LA to get gass.

So trill.

M.Dot. said...

@ Jase.

N*gga im out.

I got you and Nick on the engagement/wedding gift.

Yall regi at fortunoff right?

M.Dot. said...

@ LD.

I'll be back, as early or as late as Jan '08.

If I have it my way I will be there for my born D, in October.

We will see.

You know That Oakland Hussle, Meet that Brooklyn Swag.....Its OVER, just need Billy Beane (Oakland A's Manager) to put me on:)

M.Dot. said...

imitating jiggas ain't no nicks


Imma tell him you said that shit
AND ITS REAL ON LIKE 5 different levels.

***Shakes head at the fact you know me so well.

neo said...

who you calling little?

disappointed said...

this is how i find out?

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