Thursday, August 09, 2007

What do Osama Bin Laden and Drug Dealers have in Common?


Popular thought dictates that if you kill either one, 10 more replacements will sprout up.

This is immediately what came to mind while reading the "letter to the editor" that I have placed below.

Initially this article was written
, and apparently after reading it , Mark Poland, felt compelled to add his $2 foodstamps.

Lock 'em up
Your recent article was clever and skillfully written. However, while you glibly criticized Oakland Police Sergeant Cronin, you failed to address the main point he offered; that more cops will result in negligible crime reduction. On this point Sergeant Cronin is actually correct. While crime has many complex sociological causes, there is really only truly one effective way to reduce it: Put criminals in prison so they cannot victimize innocent people. Having more cops on the street will not accomplish that. Having more cops will only reduce the time it takes for an officer to come to a victim's house to take a report. That hardly qualifies as "crime prevention."

If you truly want to reduce crime, then you should write articles favoring more prison construction and more mandatory sentence rules. Then fewer criminals would be on the street, ergo fewer crimes. Criminals are not stupid. They do not fear being arrested because it is not a punishment. They have usually been arrested dozens of times. However, going to prison for several years is a true punishment. Therefore, if you create a credible fear of going to prison, then you may actually create a general deterrent effect, which will also reduce crime. Cronin was correct; you just didn't let him explain.
Mark Poland, Castro Valley

Wrong. Negatory.

Annnnt. Dead.

This dude has no clue re the hood mentality on prison.

N*ggas AIN't shook re going to jail.

They look at it as "just another part of the game".

If more jail time were a actual deterrent: 1. Why do so many men/women, go to prison, do their time, turn around and go right back?

Your boy Mark Poland fails to realize that, when a street dude is about do dirt, popo and jail is that last thing on his, or for that matter, her, mind.

How many of yall got people in jail.

Why do white people think that mandatory sentencing
will actually deter folks from committing crime?



Anonymous said...

Why do white people think that mandatory sentencing will actually deter folks from committing crime?

Why do *you* think white people believe it's actually about deterrence?

Check the Auburn vs. Pennsylvania systems.

And then check your e-mail.

M.Dot. said...

You get out my, ahem, e-mail.

Auburn as in Where?

Why does the Penn system ring a bell?
Does that have something to do w/ Crim law?

Mr. Proctor said...

I'm on a comment posting bonanza today...

I have all kinds of people in jail... Homies, fam... I just went to Hayward and visited my cousin Tony who was on lock...

White people think mandatory sentencing will deter folks from committing crime in much the same way that white people believe black people should get over the whole "racism thing".

What I've found in my 24 years is that white people have a hard time understanding that there are people on this earth who aren't white, and aren't given the same allowances, or who don't live the same experiences as them.

The hood is hard (word to the Murder Dubs). Prison = hard. So to go back to the hood with that prison stripe is a badge of honor.

Even more so, white people don't understand that crime, for the most part, is not about people doing shit because they just want to commit crime. It's about people not having jobs, not being able to support their families, about being DESPERATE. If you look at any crime, their is a REASON behind it, fucked up or not, but it inevitably goes back to their situation.

My caucazoid friends rarely see background and situations when it comes to their non-white brethren.

Dame said...

"To think that a few senior officers working patrol will have an impact on crime in our community indicates to me that the council has no understanding of the root causes of crime in Oakland and the impact patrol officers have on it,"

Even tho we are probably coming from completely different angles as to why we belive that, I agree with him.

“they contribute in a positive way to [a] city that has earned a less than hospitable or positive reputation."

Smh modern day Rome cracks me up, never mind the suffering of the plebs, as long as those of high stature feel comfortable while being escorted to there flying chariots all is well

“The more officers you have on patrol, the better response time you'll have and you'll reduce crime."

More offericers might create a better response time, but as far as reducing crime…nahh

Ya boy who wrote the letter to the editor is on some suburbian pseudo intelligence kick, as you pointed out mandatory sentences and the like aren’t a proven deterrent , because the rationalization of crime and its potential consequences are common practices by those who commit violations of the law.

We already lead the "industrialized" world in incarceration per capita and its done nothing to help improve crime on American streets.

While somewhere in the recesses of my mind I do think that if people got they hand cut off for stealing or those on death row where executed in a expediant manner they might possibly become “deterrents”, the structural causes of crime must be addressed if any substantive change is to be accomplished.

1. Some not all, maybe not half, but a substantial amount of people commit crime out of necessity or what can be deemed near necessity. When people get out of prison with F’s or even these days have a not so shiny misdemeanor on they records, the job that used to be murder to get, not metamorphosis
it self into genocide

This year is a good one, with one homie recently released from the county, I now only have one in the pen

White people have a very ill informed detached view of worldly occurrences outside of their tangible realm. For the most part these are the same people that say “ THEY ATTACKED US!!!!” When justifying the war with Iraq not recognizing most of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

Ignorance Begins at home…….

Unless you have actual “human” contact with people, and can formulate emotions of love and respect for them, you will be doomed to subscribe to generalized view about what amounts to strangers.

You can not force another’s reality into your realm of understanding with out distorting a myriad of truths.

This country is highly segregated, and becoming more so by the day. Isolation makes one cold to outsiders and there plights.

The nightly news and politicians don’t help either

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