Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When Men Break Up, Its Interesting.


I first noticed it when Dame was talking about J in New York magazine
last year.

There is very little ink on the topic in our culture

and that is precisely why I am so interested in it.

Men fall out and have funk like us,
but to hear ya'll tell it, MEN ARE SIMPLE and
women are complicated.

You wanna see complicated?
Try getting dude to talk about his feelings.

THAT shit is complicated.

Which brings us to the Pete rock interview
on Hip Hop DX.
Paul Arnold asks P about CL. P responds,

I’m still here. I’ve put out 3 solo albums since the split. I’m here giving people the thing they missed [after we broke up], which is Pete Rock’s music. Without the music you couldn’t sell a C.L. Smooth acapella album. So my thing is it’s the music that the people love. I don’t take anything away from him; he’s definitely dope and everything like that. But it was the music that the people loved, and I’m here to keep giving it to them.

Is it really the lack of lyrics. OR. Is it that CL ain't play his
position correctly, with regard to managing his career.

Full disclosure, I listen to (at least I use to when it was feasible)
Main Ingredient 2-3 times a week
. And I bought two of the CL jawns
from Itunes.

Plus. I burned borrowed a copy of all the PR's sh*ts from my boy
Jase from Yonkers. Whuttup Jase,
how does it feel to be Almost Hitched? Im on my way
too. <<

Back to the interview.


Old boy, went for the junior gristle.
HHDX: Right now 9th Wonder is refusing to answer any questions regarding his split from Little Brother. Do you think the fans are owed a detailed explanation of why their favorite group broke up?
Pete Rock
: Oh yeah definitely, they have a right to know. And the explanation [for our breakup] is we don’t get along, period. We made a mark on the music world. And I’m sorry to the fans that we had to part, but things like that happen as you grow older. We grew apart from each other and that’s the bottom line. I’m not gonna speak bad about him, but it is what it is.

THEN Arnold twists the knife re- NAS and CARM.

HHDX: And do you want to say anything about the long-standing rumors regarding you and his ex, Carmen Bryan, having a relationship? You wanna touch any of that?
Pete Rock
: Nah, I don’t wanna touch any of that. There’s nothing to touch. I don’t even know the person you’re talking about.

HHDX: Do you think the fans thirst for knowledge about an artist’s private life is starting to supersede their actual interest in the music itself?
Pete Rock
: Yeah, because it’s not about people’s private lives. It’s about the talent that we have. When you talking to me about stuff like that, it disinterests me. I don’t even wanna talk anymore after you asking me stuff like that. It’s really none of your business what goes on in someone’s personal life. But to say something about that incident, I don’t even know her. I’ll say it again. I don’t know that woman. Obviously, he thinks I know her because he hasn’t spoken to me in 14 years. And if that’s the reason, I think that’s real stupid of him. And you can quote me saying that.

HHDX: And that’s the type of clarification I’d like to get out there. I mean, you don’t know me, but me personally I don’t give a shit about none of this.
Pete Rock
: And he don’t know me either. And my thing is get to know me before you start accusing me, thinking the wrong thing. ‘Cause cats out here are haters. No one wants to see me and him get together. Me and him getting together defeats the purpose of anyone else trying to do beats for him, ‘cause I go hard with my music. And when cats try to compete, they can’t fuck with me! So that’s the only reason why I think somebody started that [rumor]. It was a diversionary tactic for me and him to not work together.

Thats what I call an innerview.

I.Want.My.Blackalicious. Innerview. N*gga!


Yall knew about P and Carm?

Old gurl Apparently don't play.

How can Nas twerk it out w/ J,
but keep that fire burnin re P?

Can YALL n*ggas squash it so we can
have some "Who's World is this LA LA LA '07"?



the prisoner's wife said...

i really hope Nasir ain't talking to Peter over something deeper than that dumb broad! please lawd...

i HEARD that Peter had a thing with her, but who really knows. all i DO know is that WHO'S WORLD IS THIS is my FAVORITE, i'll say it again, ,FAVORITE, Nasir joint of ALLLLLLLLLLLL time and space & he needs to get back up with Pete. that's real, yo.

(btw: hey sis!!! *waving*...you will kill me, but i was in yo' hood the other day. even stopped at that whole foods in Union Sq to get some Jane Carter for my son's hair. my computer been acting mad ill & i couldn't get access the whole time i was there...sowwy!).

neo said...

I don't think THAT many ppl are losing sleep over a P & Nas wax reunion moreso than a Nas and Preme reunion...but that's just my take on the situation.

When men break up its all about ego, no one wants to come off like a sucker, everyone's putting on a show, no one's right yet somehow no one's wrong..

I dunno the way I relate with my homeys is pretty skr8 forward...If I mess up I apologise take the L on that situation and kim, if its the other way round same way...

I agree with P on growing apart, it happens that way sometimes, you just can't see eye to eye anymore on certain things in life...and that can affect artistic output, which is one of the reasons I'm wary of groups in hip hop..once there's bad blood sometimes it affects the music.

M.Dot. said...


Im in the Bay.

But YOU STILL STINK FOR BEING nyc and telling me after the fact.

I still heart you tho.

You were one of the first CONSISTENT readers.

how you been?

M.Dot. said...

which is one of the reasons I'm wary of groups in hip hop..once there's bad blood sometimes it affects the music.

Bad blood can kill any organization.
WHy you think divorce hurts so much?

Anonymous said...

I don't think THAT many ppl are losing sleep over a P & Nas wax reunion moreso than a Nas and Preme reunion...


I didn't believe that Scratch cover then, and I still don't believe it now. But still, it'd be ridiculous if it happened.

Anonymous said...

YO dame stays talkin about Jay. that nigga hurts so bad. he probably crys every fucking night how jay out did homie at his own game. everytime i turn around i see dame talkin about their break up. why cant it just be a falling out. break up= suspect. its really like why cant men handle things amongst men and keep it to themselves. i know people want to know, but people should also have respect.

Rappers stayin hoe'n for attention.

which leads to mims. he said kanye stole his style.( check out C&D for further details) he needs to get drop kicked in the teeth for that.

but anyway...

FLA is totally on some other shit. the heat punches you in the face everytime you go outside. but on the flipside, something about the atmosphere makes me wanna get money.

hey did you hear about the, North american union? if not. google it, read about it. and let me know how you feel about that.


the prisoner's wife said...

ahhh...good good, so i didn't miss you LOL. are you in the bay for good? one of these days we gon get up on AIM...i've been such a AIM-lame lately. i'm a text messaging junkie tho...

at any rate, i been good. dreading going back to work, doing a bit of traveling, but good. and you?

i'm glad i can say, I remember that chick when.....now you blowin up! you bet not forget nobody, nah mean? lol

M.Dot. said...

but on the flipside, something about the atmosphere makes me wanna get money.

Don't you love that.

Thats how NYC its.

Just makes you wanna keep it pooping 24/24.

The Minority Reporter said...

Cupcake...ake...ake...ake :::singing to the tune of Umbrella:::


M.Dot. said...




M.Dot. said...

You better say mooooo.


Imma find that prince of the bay sh*t.


Imma take your CHEESIN ass picture on bart w/ me and give out your number to somma these junior PIMPs.

M.Dot. said...

Me and the Bay.


Yall will know when I know.

For now.

Im frosting my cupcake in dallas.


Getting some much desired face time in the Bay.

Can't wait to meet you and the baby.
Hopefully before his little purtty self turns 10:)

Anonymous said...

I kinda wanted you to go harder on Dame and men in general, but maybe that's what the comments are for.

Real talk, men are conditioned to not deal w/ our emotions, as if Ecclesiastes 3 doesn't apply to Y chromosomes. Then when something takes the wind out of us, we don't know what to do.

You talked about Halle going through what every woman goes through, but only having to do it in public. Well Dame, PR, and every other man who's been part of an entertainment brotherhood that met its untimely demise is simply going through what men go through when they lose their best friend, but having to do it in public.

Which, really, is quite similar to when men have to go through in romantic break-ups, b/c a lot of the same emotions are involved.

And just to be *extra-gristly*, let you and SJ (yeah, I caught Whuttup Jase, how does it feel to be Almost Hitched? Im on my way too. <<) stop cupcakin', and I'd bet your BART pass dude is gonna be walkin' around tryna decide whether to hide his emotions or tell everybody and they mama about how great she was...

The Minority Reporter said...

"yeah, I caught Whuttup Jase, how does it feel to be Almost Hitched? Im on my way too. <<"


Stephen, thanks on so many levels LMAO

u play wit my cheesin pic if ya wanna...ima getcha when u in dallas...3 hrs nicka...3 hrs

mmm huh...and u know how I'm saying it

sorry for not commenting on the subject ;)

Anonymous said...

For ol' times sake:

Making the Video:

M.Dot. said...

@ ph.

Rolls eyes at the gristle comments.

what men go through when they lose their best friend, but having to do it in public.
Thats that trill.
And you are foul AND dope for making that connection.

I'd bet your BART pass dude
You stay outta the bart dude story.

M.Dot. said...

@ tmr.

Stop smiling like you doing/knowing something.

Freakin busy body.

Don't you got some Hennessey to slurp or some checks to write?

She Hate Me said...

Nas + Premiere = Heaven

Can we go back to that?

And M.Dot, I know about you cupcaking.

Can't say but so much.

I'm doing the same. (!)

M.Dot. said...

cuuuup cakin.....

say word

mr. love triangle offense:)

Renato Pagnani said...

When I interviewed Pete, I asked him about Nas and he said never say never, but that Nas would have to call him first. And I can understand that—men have their egos to protect, right? But it just seems like some 9th grade shit, and those two made some classic music together. “The World Is Yours” is probably my favourite song, of all time. Ever. Fuck it, it is my favourite song ever.

M.Dot. said...

Fuck it, it is my favourite song ever.

Im like this close " " to starting a Pete and Nas in '08 Petition.

Somebody get Def Jam on the horn.

Renato....thanks for poppin tho.

You make a B-gurl feel effective!

neo said...

@ She hate:

Nas + Preme = more feasible right now than Nas + Pete, I'm just saying one joint =/= potential to make an entirely listenable album..

Dame said...

I’ve tried to like Blackalicious I really have………………

Nahh I aint know about the so called Soul Brother and Carmen rendezvous Given the strength of his denial and the fact I’ll never read her book I’m a go with he never “spent some time” with the mother of Destiny

J/P question…big business gets some issues resolved quicker

Youtube the world is yours rmx video, just seeing the cassette being thrown in should stave you for a lil while, does it for me lol

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