Friday, August 31, 2007

Q -Tip has a Thing for * Wink. *Pucker. *Wink.


Ok. Not quite. But he does bike blogs.

He was speaking to Breihan in Status Ain't Hood when he spoke on the importantance of the internet.

He writes:

I think that the internet has reached out to more people in the past ten years. There's more people on it, there's more people involved with it, there's more interest in people on there that are doing this stuff in all forms of art: musically, in the literary world, artistically, film, cinema. You get your finger on those pulses a little bit quicker now than you did ten years ago, and because of that, I feel like you could find quality stuff that's out there. It may not be smack-dab when you walk into Wal-Mart or Tower Records or Starbucks, but if you go online and you go on your MySpace and you catch one link and jump off into somebody else's and surf, in ten minutes you could be into some shit. And that is a great possibility, a great equation. And that's why we're starting to turn a corner. I find that more people on the lower tiers of major record companies are spending a lot of time online, trying to go out and be independent or think in the independent sense. It's breathing a new life into it.

Then Tip gets frank about Lupe's comment about how he NEVER owned a Tribe album.
(((Thats bugged.)))

I can't imagine my life w/o Midnight Marauders.

I dig Lupe, and somebody hit me today, showed me something that he said online about how he'd never heard Tribe. He said something like "I never heard Tribe and never listened to Tribe," which I thought was just some shit he was just saying to stir shit up. I know he doesn't believe that, and I certainly don't, and it's all good. I have love and respect for him. But the thing about that, I bring that up because he put that on a blog, and somebody sent me this blog that he was typing and all the responses to it in a matter of seconds. And the same could be said, that access is right there, so the history is right there. You can access it easily, quickly, instantaneously. And you can dole it out to a whole bunch of people. So it's great that you can trace things back. I'm hoping that people listen to Tribe and see the influences of a Slick Rick or a Run-DMC.
Then he speaks on Dr. Dre and The Chronic.
For the record. I never owned that sh*t. It was inescapable in the Bay.
N*ggas had weed outfits, hats the LEAF was everywhere!
Its like living in NY owning a Jay cd. You really ain't have to because
the sh*t was pumping of every trunk, club and radio.

And when I heard The Chronic, I was like, "Aaaah!" And when I heard The Chronic is when we made Midnight Marauders. And then he put out Snoop and I heard Wu-Tang, I was like, "I'm going to go home and eat pie."

And Tip Likes Little Brother. Excellent.

When you made this new album, were you trying to compete with anybody?

Definitely. When I heard Little Brother's stuff, I was like, "Wow, that's dope. I want to make something that's as dope as this." And when I hear Kanye's stuff, I'm like, "Wow, I want to make something as dope as this. I hope I could." It's not like you're saying you're better than them. It's just that you're trying to keep up, almost. It's totally a healthy thing.


Favorite Tribe song and album Anyone?

M.dots- Midnight Marauders:: God Lives Through.
That sh*t go soooo howrd.

"Theres a milion emcees that claim they want some...."

It showl in the f*ck is..phife.

Wait that's just Pfife.

Ok. Well for the two of them it has to be Lyrics to Go.
"Wait snif snit, I think somebody sh*tted.
I guess that must be be because im the only one emceein".



She Hate Me said...

Favorite Tribe song?
Electric Relaxation.

Favorite album? To be honest, it was Low End Theory. The whole album. From Excursions to Scenario, the album was damn near perfect.

M.Dot. said...


"lectric boogie.


I can't pick that.

Cuz if I pick that then I might as well picked Bonita Applebum.

And thats the "girly" song.

neo said...

This is like asking what's my favorite Jay song...

But off top "Award Tour" cemented them as one of the greatest of all time, group-wise..

"We got the jazz" comes close..

"Electric Relaxation" and "Bonita Applebum" let me know I ain't gotta be a bad boy to get a girl, just be honest and use my God-given swag..

She Hate Me said...


What's your favorite Jay song?

Yeah, I totally went there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Neo.
So cruel.


Phony Rappers.
Kinda self-explanatory


Low End Theory.
"What?" is my favourite Q-Tip ANYTHING besides "Let's Ride"

M.Dot. said...

"Let's Ride"

As soon as you said that I heard the beat in my head.

That shit is fucking BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

Verses from the Abstract...

The Low End Theory is my favorite.

Hot like Aretha Franklin at a camp fire!

M.Dot. said...

Hot like Aretha Franklin at a camp fire!
Where you still that from?

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