Tuesday, August 14, 2007

KRS One & Niggas.


Over at Unkut, there is an interview up where KRS is discussing usage of the word n*ggas.
Yall know how I feel about it. Do a blog search on this site and various posts, arguments, and hate comments will come up.
Here is my favorite part of the interview:

We need to say “Listen, if you’re gonna upgrade yourself to a higher level - a superior level – if you’re really gonna go there, call yourself something different than nigga”. But if you are not gonna elevate yourself and the word “nigga’ is in your tongue, then we’re gonna treat you like that. There’s certain rules for niggas, you know what I’m sayin? There are! Niggas get shot and niggas go to jail. Niggas are climbing through your window and shit. Niggas is fightin’ in the street, niggas is shootin’ and doin they shit. That’s niggas. But even in the midst of all that? I can depend on my niggas. I get love from my niggas. My respect comes from my niggas. The people that call themselves African-Americans don’t respect me or my views.[<<--- He is a fool for that sh*t]. Fat Joe – he Puerto Rican, and he says he’s a nigga. “He’s an ill nigga” is what Fat Joe would say. [chuckles] He Puerto Rican, but he’s a nigga. And at the end of the day when I say “Yo! Where’s my niggas at?” – Afrika Bambatta knows exactly what we talking about, and this is where we flip it now to the next level, from Zulu Nation, and we say “We need more real niggas! We need real niggas, right now” Not N-I-G-G-E-R. N-I-G-G-A. We own that word. That’s our word. We need more niggas.
Niggas, Rims and Weaves. We can talk about these sh*ts all day long.


The GZA ain't aged a bit.

Skin all chocolatey and smooooooov.
That licorice root musta been yummy.


What would it take for Black people to NOT be tripping off the word n*gga?



The Minority Reporter said...

Nicka please...lol.

is it okay that i use the word nicka...being that I am half puerto rican?

M.Dot. said...


You from that bronx on tha low hun?

All up on the 2/3 train looking for cousins and sh*t.

neo said...

Ehh I dunno y'all tell me..

I sure as heck know calling someone kaffer (the alt to the N-word here) could get you beat down in SA.

M.Dot. said...


I remember reading Kaffir Boy.


You took it back.

It was such an awakening for me.

It was the first time that I learned that places OUTSIDE of the US were hard on Negros too.

T DOT said...

The people that call themselves African-Americans don’t respect me or my views.[<<--- He is a fool for that sh*t].


This is why I respect KRS-One. Just off one sentence, *Insert Flex Bomb Drop*. Crazy.

Eric said...

I think that the word "GUN" is always going to be associated with Killing people and destruction, just as the word Nigger Or Nigga or Nicka (we all know what ur refering to) is going to be associated with slavery. But it is a good thing to say the word nigga because it means that we havent forgoten what happened to us. And i think KS-one is a deluding himself if he thinks letting everybody call him a nigger is a positive thing.

Eric said...

then again he's probably thinking about his bank account

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