Friday, August 31, 2007

Miss Info Kinda Bad.


Black Love is Delish. Ye ye and Alexis.

Rarely do I read work by other women that is analytical and quirky and about hip hop.


When I found myself at Miss Info's blog after going to
Eskay's I was pleasantly surprised. She mentioned Prince, Kanye, Kevin Smith and George Lucas all in the same paragraph. Nerdy and Hot!

She writes:
So that was the music portion….but as Valedictorian of this ceremony, Kanye had to give his Graduation speech. And that’s what I really came for. (I go to album listening sessions but honestly, I prefer to enjoy my rap music in private. Much like my porn. Just keeding.) As different as Kanye and 50 are….I always maintain that they also have many similarities. One of them being that both men are very magnetic public speakers. Kevin Smith, the guy who directed Clerks and Chasing Amy and Dogma, has this documentary of him just doing speaking tours at colleges, where he packs these huge auditoriums and folks watch him for like four hours, just talking out his thoughts, telling hilarious anecdotes about Prince and George Lucas….its genius. Well, my point is, I think Kanye would spit pure fiyah behind a lecturn : )
Man listen.

How many women write about hip hop and pop culture in general in a way that connects the dots.

How many writers do, for that matter?


What new thing have you discovered recently?

Album? Person?Blog?



Anonymous said...


First Impressions M.?

The Minority Reporter said...

Miss Info Been Bad...since she Was the one who gave Nas 5 mics for Illmatic at the she's pretty funny...and she be on that Garrett’s Popcorn

M.Dot. said...

ince she Was the one who gave Nas 5 mics for Illmatic at the Source

Say word!

Can't type whut just crossed my mind.m<<<----Doing too much.

neo said...

She has a seeming authentic love for all things hip hop, sometimes tho she comes off a bit ehh..naive but we agree on most things.

M.Dot. said...



Anonymous said...

DUDE. you are going to be the star of my next documentary.

get ready, 'cause i'm serious...

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