Thursday, August 09, 2007

Coming Home is Weird.


I went to my old prep school yesterday, and it was such an
emotional experience.

Largely because it demonstrated to me how strong I was when
I left the Bay to go to undergrad in New York.

In visiting there, it became clear how much of my optimism and confidence of stomped on by l-school.

My old principal, my english teacher and the gym coach was happy to see me.

Hugs were exchanged.

Im trying to f*ck with g**gle so I stopped by to network and get familiar.

Do you know that there was only one other BLACK woman there,
a secretary, and she had to nerve to ASK ME,
EVERYONE, "Well why only two years of school?"


Now ya'll know me. Im a DAMNED fool.

EVEN MORE of a fool than I was two weeks ago.

I TOLD HER THE TRUTH about the grade conflict.

THAT shut her @ss up.

It was like, she couldn't figure out why all these (white)
were happy to see me so she had to attempt to pull my card.

Im naive. I like to presume that Black people are *pttp.

But they don't be.
And when they NOT you gotta sett'em straight.

I need to express some gratitude. Some of y'all know me as well
as my "offline" friends, and THAT sh*t is bugged.

In fact, some of yall came through in the clutch for me during and
after the move w/ kind words and DEE DEE cake in a way that the
"offline folks"did not and I will NEVER forget it.

*pttp=power to the people.


When was the last time somebody
BLACK hated and you were like,
dude you ain't had to go out like that?

Or for my non negro readers,
when was the last time that someone
went out of their way to pick on you,
put you on the spot or otherwise minimized one
of your accomplishments.



Mr. Proctor said...

There's nothing like Negro hate. I'm reminded of Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks.

There are 3 instances when the hate surpasses the bar, in my case anyway. They include:

1)Family members who feel that they have to compare their children's progress to my progress. I don't brag about anything I do. In fact, I'm very rarely satisfied with what I do, and I'm always trying to find ways to better myself. But family members who have kids my age, for some reason, feel as though they need to gauge their kids' progress with mine. The sad part is, if this were a race, then their kids would be losing.

2) My friends. I'm NOTHING like my friends, and I find it increasingly difficult to be around people who have a problem with me being me. We all know dudes can be harsh to their dude friends, but the shit is ridiculous now. I'll post something on my blog explaining this further...

3) Black guys (over a girl). Friendships have ended because a dude felt as though he had to compete for a female's attention with me. That's BS (another thing I'll address in my blog).

Honorable mention includes:
Black academics
Black supervisors
Black co-workers

I hate hate.

M.Dot. said...

I'm reminded of Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks.
Thats the same thing SJ said.

F*cking creepy. ***Goes to study up on old B'docks.

Dame said...


Lol “They are supposed to love MMEEEEEEEE!!!!!” smh at people like that

Wow I can’t tell whether its indicative of a problem or a good sign, but I can’t remember the last time another Black Person flat out hated on me.

I’m sure I prolly purged the some incidents from 06 from my memory, but this year hasn’t happened… maybe it’s the demographics?

Anonymous said...

More on your boy, Bailey.

Not a fan of Hitchens, but I thought you'd find this interesting.

Anonymous said...


"Let me make it real simple: This has been going on about 30 years. And it has been known," Marvin X said. The bakery "had a dark side, and it was as real as the light side."


Deputy District Attorney Scott Swisher recalled 20 to 30 young men lining the corridors to a courtroom where four Bey associates were accused of torturing a Nigerian immigrant over money.

"The bow ties, the whole bit," Swisher said. "I felt like I was in the Antarctic. Isn't that where penguins are?"



Nexgrl said...

The last person who looks like me and hated on me in a major way, job wise was my old boss. She tried to make it difficult for me to make necessary moves.

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