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Black Editor, Chauncey Bailey, Murdered by Black Muslim


When an out of the ordinary murder happens in Oakland, my mind automatically begins to wonder.

When I learned that Chauncey Bailey, Editor of the Oakland Post was killed, execution style with a shot gun in downtown Oakland on his way to work on last Wednesday, I immediately thought that it was, his Lovers Husband or that he owed someone some money.

I was wrong.
Apparently, It was a member of the Oakland Black Muslims.

A suspect in the daylight ambush shooting death of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey was being formally booked today on suspicion of murder, authorities said.

Devaughndre Broussard, 19, was in the process of being booked at the Alameda County jail in downtown Oakland in connection with Thursday's slaying of Chauncey Bailey, 57, at 14th and Alice streets.

Broussard was a handyman at Your Black Muslim Bakery who confessed to police Friday night that he ambushed and killed Bailey with a shotgun because he was upset with the journalist's coverage of the group, the Oakland Tribune reported today. Bailey was a former Tribune reporter.

Oakland police did not immediately respond to requests for comment today.

When he was 15, Broussard participated in a mentorship program at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business that was geared for disadvantaged Bay Area youth. Mentors sought to inspire youths "through challenging and fun business, finance and entrepreneurship curricula" according to the program's Web site.

He wrote for the Tribune for hella years.
Thats were I know his work from.

Chauncey Bailey, editor of the Oakland Post and a former reporter for the Oakland Tribune, was slain by a masked gunman on a downtown Oakland street Thursday, police said.

Bailey, 57, was shot shortly before 7:30 a.m. on 14th Street near Alice Street while walking to work, police said. Paramedics were unable to revive Bailey, an outspoken advocate for the black community and an unabashed critic of corruption.

Black Men in Oakland are murdered all the time. BUT. THIS was a stand up dude. A journalist.

Apparently a life considered by many to be more valuable than the 300
or so Black and Brown men that have been murdered in oakland in the last 2 and
a half years.
I keep trynna tell fools. Oakland, like ME, has its own code. There are certain things that happen in the street that are dealt with in the street.

While I don't share Oakland's code per se, I do agree with the notion that there
is an appropriate an an inappropriate way of dealing with conflict.

For Oakland, most of the time it does not involve Popo or the legal system
at least until after the fact.

I posit that this same rationale exists in Texas, L.A., New Orleans (Fa' Show) and Philly.

Apparently, a Black Muslim murked Bailey because Bailey,
like me, liked being an "in the gristle muckracker".

Bailey hadn't written about both the good and the bad within the
Black Muslims and was working on writing more.

Peep the irony of a) the fact that he was killed by a Black man
b.) the fact that I mentioned in my previous post how when you
get a certain amount of success as a Black Male Athlete
you were suppose to shut the f*ck up.

The Black Muslims in Oakland have done both things that
can be appreciated by the Black community as well
as things that should have them on the R. Kelly Justice Plan.

The Black Muslims are precisely that, Black Muslims in Oakland
and accordingly they have their own code under wich they operate.

Like the Panthers back in they Day, they are some cats that even some
East Oakland GOONS, don't wanna f*ck with.

OAKLAND — A son of controversial Black Muslim leader Yusef Bey was shot and killed Tuesday night while pumping gas at a North Oakland station.

Antar Bey, 24, was at the gas station at 55th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way just after 7:30 p.m. when he was shot as he waited to fill up his black BMW 745, police said.

Police said Antar Bey, the appointed successor to the late Yusef Bey, had stepped away from the car and was talking on his cell phone when he was shot. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, police said.

Shots had been fired at Antar Bey at least twice during the past several weeks, but he was not injured, authorities said.


Violence erry day around my way. How do you deal with the violence you encounter in day to day life?

Does it make a difference that Bailey was killed by a Black Man?



Anonymous said...

That he was a journalist makes no difference, adds no value, and conveys no special importance or accomplishment. Generally speaking, most black journalists are enemeies to their own people. They routinely write and report with the focal idea of appearing "impartial to their white audience" which is a weakness that is hard to ignore or empathize with. Many black people work everyday at difficult levels of business and such without watering down their voices or the message behind them to satisify white people. His death? Sad. The perpetrator? He will probably recant in a few days. The reality? All the lives lost in Oakland in the last two years were all precious in EQUAL amounts. Lets pray for them all.

Aunt Jackie said...

Having grown up Muslim in Oakland this hits home in more ways than one. I have been very close with some of the Bey's although it concerns me that they have become the face of black muslims in Oakland because...well because since the 70's they haven't progressed much.

Akbar Bey was a close close friend and he's been gone for years now. He had a tattoo on his forearm that said "Been Dead" because he knew that's what people would say about him one day.

I think it's sad that there is no longer a code amongst thieves and thugs, that grown men who earn a decent living can get gunned down like animals in their own streets with no recourse.

I think it's sad that Yusuf Bey couldn't keep his own sons away from violence, that Islam never soothed their souls, not even for a day.

I pray for the town I really do!

M.Dot. said...

That he was a journalist makes no difference, adds no value, and conveys no special importance or accomplishment.

You clearly are a lyyyour.

I disagree.

In the grand scheme it is irrel.

However in this instance, HE WAS MURDERED PRECISELY, (at least according to current evidence), because he was a journalist.

M.Dot. said...

Akbar Bey was a close close friend and he's been gone for years now. He had a tattoo on his forearm that said "Been Dead" because he knew that's what people would say about him one day.
Been Dead.


neo said...

Can't really comment on this 'cos I haven't lived here in the states long enough to experience y'alls type of violence, i can only speak on the one in my country, why and how it occurs..but its sad that a man like that could get assassinated for speaking his mind...whatever happened to just writing a rebuttal or simply confronting with a sit-down discussion?

I dunno I just loathe violence..

Anonymous said...

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Aunt Jackie said...

the word is that the Bey clan had him kilt because he was writing an expose on them...again.

the last one came out right before Yusuf Bey passed away, and it was basically to the tune of exactly how many underage women was Yusuf Bey sleeping with and what exactly does go on behind the closed doors of their compound for lack of a better word.

Chauncy was a stand up guy in a community that that loved and supported him. His loss is incomprehensible, my condolences go out to he and his family!

As for the Beys....

M.Dot. said...

but its sad that a man like that could get assassinated for speaking his mind

I can't believe you just said this ock.

neo said...

what is it you can't believe? I mean I know its been happening but it saddens me every time..

M.Dot. said...


Aincha People Nigerian.

Ain't Shell Oil and'nem have Ken Saro Wiwa killed?

Trill talk.

I can be a gullible, but you JUST sound naive.

neo said...

whatever man...I just said earlier I don't like violence. Just 'cos something happens every day every time where I'm from doesn't make me any less immune or numb to it, the moment that happens you lose all sense of humanity left. Truss' its too easy to be like *shrug, what the heck ever..I ain't in Oakland or from there anyway" but it does pain me when ppl lose their life for nothing...if that's being naive to you..I'll hold on to my naivete..

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