Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breihan Conveys Why I Love Boom Bap Now and Forvever


In a Voice Article a couple of weeks ago Breihan spoke on Black Moon in a way the captured what I love about my Boom Bap folks, they play they position.
The main reason that last night's show ended up being worth the hassle at all was, unsurprisingly enough, the Boot Camp Clik, who seem constitutionally incapable of putting on a bad show. The only BCC group on the bill last night was Black Moon, but one of the great things about going to rap shows in New York is that most of BCC is virtually guaranteed to show up every time any affiliated group has a local show. This time, we got four of the Fab Five: Buckshot, Sean Price, Rock, Tek. I love that all these guys are still around and still active. More than any other mid-90s NY rap vets, they seem to understand their place in the world. They might never be superstars, but they have a devoted cult audience, one they can keep happy through constant touring and a near-frantic album-release schedule. And every time I see them onstage, they look overjoyed to be up there. Black Moon's show is really tight and rehearsed, and their hard formalism makes perfect sense in this town. Sean Price was one of the judges in the art-contest, so he stayed seated at the side of the stage the entire time, just waiting to be activated. Rock was entirely content to play hypeman at the back of the stage for the entire set, and that's what he would've done if Sway hadn't insisted that someone give him a mic. It's always fun to see Rock and Buckshot onstage at the same time, since Rock is roughly twice Buckshot's size. (Buck passed me on the stairs last night, and he came up to about my elbow.) These guys do shows around the city constantly, and I really need to make sure I get out to see them more often, since every show inevitably leaves me feeling great. I'll be out of town this weekend and I won't be able to see them at Rock the Bells, but I can't wait to hear how they do in front of the enormous Rage/Wu-Tang crowd.
There is NOTHING like that post Hip Hop show feeling.



What was the last great hip hop show you went to?



Nexgrl said...

The last one I saw was Talib Kweli at the Filmore and that was a few years back.
I stopped going to Hip Hop Shows because the audience is too young. I have considered the Rock the Bells Tour this weekend.

She Hate Me said...

The Roots here at NorVa.

I don't think I've ever been to a set that was as live as that one.

Black Thought has energy for days.

M.Dot. said...

@ Nexgrl,

Hip Hop shows WILL have you feeling hella OLD or hella black.

The worserest is when you get both.

M.Dot. said...

@ SHM.

I been to like 4 roots shows and paid to see two.

They perform like their life is depending on it.

SUCH a GOOD time.

***ponders the roots at my wedding...

Anonymous said...

Rock the Bells in Dallas

(^Debated that)

The Minority Reporter said...

Kweli, Jean Grae, UGK (well Bun B.) and dwele. H-town...right after Katrina...i think it only cost $10 too

Anonymous said...

Dilla release party in March a little over a year after his death.

Phat Kat, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Baatin, DJ House Shoes, Oh No and Roc C, etc in Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Hands down.

The Roots. Toronto.

They'd always play like crossing the border was escaping.

Seen them twice, and they got better second time around.

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