Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Can Only Listen to the New Erykah: Part I


Time: 3:39 pm.
Date: Saturday, March 1st.
Spot: Cafe on Valencia in the Mission. SF,CA

The only thing that has my head sane right now

is the new Erykah. Telephone, My People, Me, The Healer
have been on constant repeat. Oh and the joint
from Mama's Gun, Green Eye's.

Oh, I got some of that new Pete too. That Jim Jones collabo
is by far one of the most grizzliest, soulful joints I have heard
since.....I don't know when. Hip Hop is Dead, maybe. The Black
Album, perhaps?

Remember the I Can't listen to Nas post? Well, I don't think
I would be upright this weekend without Telephone.

Erykah is going so hard on Telephone, Its like she is talking to me.

Sometimes its hard to move/ you see when your growing publicly
But if I have to choose between/ I choose me

Had two babies different dudes/ and for them both my love was true
This is my last interview/ Can't miss me

This year I turn 36/ Damn it seem it came so quick
Ass and legs have gotten thick/ Its so me
-Me New Amerykah 2008
This time last week, I was fielding calls and coordinating
text messages from
the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn.

It pains me how personal these post are going to be.

Filthy stays on me about the fact that
when you are honest when you write, the more likley
you can take the reader to another place.

So I press on. The moment my plane landed there was 2 feet of snow on
the ground.

It was a winter wonderland.

The snow symbolized that other things were in store for me.
The trip showed me a couple of things. The first was that
with prayer and asking for help from friends, anything is possible,

It also confirmed that I would be single, real soon,
whether I wanted to admit it or not, and that hurt.

Today I am.


Being forced to reconsider your truth is real.

Erykah is underrated.



neo said...

"Being forced to reconsider your truth is real."

word them up.

M.Dot. said...

Man. Listen.

Dame said...

Damn I haft to listen to the new Erykah , every body keeps telling me about it, article abound about it, I’m just trying to get my self in the right mind state to listen.

Honesty truth and revelation are elements are appreciated elements of great writing

Model Minority said...

Why thank you Ill.

And yes, you needs some of that green eyes in ya life.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I got Janet, Erykah and Lennie Kravitz and Lennie is the only one I'm feeling.

Badu sounds like chaos in to me, I can't groove to it. Janet ain't talking 'about nothing but I can work out to it and Lennie's heart bleeds Rock and Roll in them Rock Ballads and I swoon!

Model Minority said...

Yo I want the new lennie.

Erykah Chaos?

How So?

Controlled Chaos? Granted I only bump three songs hard. I urge you to give her another chance if not just for Telephone, Heaven and Me.

The Minority Reporter said...

Oh now look who on Mama's Gun...i wish i knew that blog where you were on the "mama's gun ain't my fave bla blah blah"

u better be lucky i'm busy at work


Model Minority said...

Dear TMR....People Change.


The Minority Reporter said...


Whatever...and wth? you know i hit the sack no later than 9pm...I think I'm old :(

Model Minority said...


IM THE one that goes to sleep early.

YOU the one thats wild.for.the.night.

the prisoner's wife said...

green eyes got me through a rough patch back in 2001. had i not had that song...good LAWD! (it's murdaaaa)

but Erykah doesn't get enough shine. i would say this album is about controlled sonic chaos, akin to D'angelo's voodoo (although his was less chaotic musically, but the words may have thrown you for a looop). this album pushes the boundaries of RnB & i digs that. i digs the crossovers & the fact that she's trying new things. people need to experiment more. have you read the article about her in Giant? i loved that...she sounds like fun to kick it with. no wonder all the homies used to love h.e.r.

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