Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Police, Accountability and the Internet


I noticed a little piece on Wired's site about Go
removing a police
watchdog/ rating website from its server.
The rationale they used was, "This may endanger the
police officers".
Kevin Poulsen of Wired writes,

A new web service that lets users rate and comment on the uniformed police officers in their community is scrambling to restore service Tuesday, after hosting company GoDaddy unceremonious pulled-the-plug on the site in the wake of outrage from criticism-leery cops.

Visitors to on Tuesday were redirected to a GoDaddy page reading, "Oops!!!", which urged the site owner to contact GoDaddy to find out why the company pulled the plug.

RateMyCop founder Gino Sesto says he was given no notice of the suspension. When he called GoDaddy, the company told him that he'd been shut down for "suspicious activity."

When Sesto got a supervisor on the phone, the company changed its story and claimed the site had surpassed its 3 terabyte bandwidth limit, a claim that Sesto says is nonsense. "How can it be overloaded when it only had 80,00 page views today, and 400,000 yesterday?"

Police departments became uneasy about RateMyCop's plans to watch the watchers in January, when the Culver City, California, startup began issuing public information requests for lists of uniformed officers.

Then the site went live on February 28th. It stores the names and, in some cases, badge numbers of over 140,000 cops in as many as 500 police departments, and allows users to post comments about police they've interacted with, and rate them. The site garnered media interest this week as cops around the country complained that they'd be put at risk if their names were on the internet.

The entire time I am thinking of how information
gathering, contribution
and distribution is incredibly powerful.


Then I thought of this video of a police officer tasering a man
and thought hmmm, I wonder what the CEO of GoDaddy would
think if the tasered man were his son.
(sh-t hits the fan @ 2:41seconds)

His wifes screams are heartbreaking.


I wonder what the CEO of GoDaddy would think if his daughter
was the woman assulted in a housing project on Thursday morning
in Brooklyn, on a night where two police officers lied about making
their rounds

In investigating the rape, detectives from the housing bureau spoke to two officers who said they were doing “vertical patrols,” walking up and down the stairwells of the building, at the time of the attack and had marked it in their memo books. But investigators who reviewed the videotaped images found no evidence of the officers’ being there.

As a result, the officers, whose names were not released, were placed on modified assignment on Thursday and stripped of their guns and badges, said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. The investigation of the police officers was reported on Friday in The Daily News.



Any interactions with officers lately?

Thoughts, reactions?



neo said...

LOL...the watchers being watched all of a sudden don't like being watched. Oh! the irony..

Model Minority said...

Feel me?

Dame said...

“This may endanger the
police officers"

“outrage from criticism-leery cops”

“this week as cops around the country complained that they'd be put at risk if their names were on the internet.”


While it seems like Sesto could have went back to Go Daddy in the end, this is another example of business not wanting to seem anti establishment for its not good for business and business is part of the establishment.

Not being able to find anybody else eargelry willing to host his site in the aftermath is troulbleing, especially considering the what can be subjectively considered filth given massive bandwith on the net….

Just wait till the end of Net Neutrality ….

Being perceived as being anti cop is like being anti soldier. not good for the bottom line

I was lerry about watching that youtube vid..seeing how I thru you a bad one last year (I’m still sorry) After watching it..I can honestly say my first feeling was.

Dude damn near asked for it and deepen the shade of his pigment and he coulda died.

I hate police and prolly will until I cease to exsist, but if there is one thing I do know is defiance and disrespect combined will get you know where with them in most situations… The smug look the driver had as he walked away angered me…..

Probably unfairly Probably out of the Jealousy of knowing I’d be risking my life with such and act..

So some percentage of me felt…rightly or wrongly ..he got what he deserved…

The sad positive the advent of video surveillance on police has had is the showing there abusive exploits on White people, who as Richard Pryor once eloquently put thought we where all just “resisting arrest”

If the preponderance of illegal haphazard actions of law enforcement are ever going to be put in check in a peaceful manner the empathy of the numerical majority is necessary

I found this waaaaaaaaayyyyy more disturbing..

As well is this…

And America still doesn’t seem to care..

When you can accidently shoot your way into a paid vacation something is horrifically wrong with your profession

I have to many bad run in with the cops stories to tell..but since 2006 things have be coo with me ma..

M.Dot. said...

The sad positive the advent of video surveillance on police has had is the showing there abusive exploits on White people

True indeed.

And America still doesn’t seem to care..

We are american.

Thats what matters.

No victims here.

Agency on mine.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

y they upset, the spy on us LOL

the prisoner's wife said...

no personal run-ins with the jake, but they have been shooting dudes left & right down here this past week. i think we've had at least 3 officer involved shootings, with 2 deaths. crazy. they released video today of a guy running AWAY & they shot him several times (i suppose in the back). how that washes out as feeling threatened, i don't know. but his fam is suing for $10 mill.

on another note...Have You Seen the LA Times? They have an article about the Biggie/Tupac/"Rap Wars"

Blood Fued: The Shooting That Ignited A Hip-Hop War

Model Minority said...

naaah. been under the blankets since sunday. will check it out tho.

Big Man said...

Good post.

Those shady bastards are always whining. I remember they whined about that little white dude in Missouri who had a camera set up in his car to tape them when they effed with him. A whole bunch of cops were plottingo n that dude.

M.Dot. said...

What up Big Man.

Glad you like.

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