Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congress Got a Problem with Nas?


Remember when MC hammer was considered a sell out because
he endorsed so
many products?

My how things have changed.

What this video brought up, that I never considered, was the
difficulty in buying
ads with an album titled N-gger.

Nas, oddly, appears to find comfort in the industries discomfort.

Doesn't Congress have better things to do then worry about
Nas's lyrics?


Anwar said...

- Doesn't Congress have better things to do then worry about
Nas's lyrics? -
or baseball, football or anything that does not have to do with it's immediate responsibilities? like impeach the President...maybe too late but you know I have to holla when it's political...
from the Bean

Dame said...

There's big difference in dancing around for some chicken... and getting paid for it.


Trying to buy advertising space...or be able to distribute your product due to its title..

I agree that Congress could be doing way more productive things the chirping on the Title of a Album, but sadly most times Congress is usually squandering away its time. I can envision..(depending on the legislator) good intentions, however misled, in not feeling Nas's choice of artistic expression.

I just hope the "Untitled" reaches the high standards set by "The Nigga Tape"

Model Minority said...

like impeach the President

Man listen. I am reading he two income trap and it is AMAZING to me how right wing pundits have hijacked social services AND how misperceptions about race ALLOW for polices that are so anti friendly that might as well take the baby out of the crib and put her in a cell.

the prisoner's wife said...

they sure the hell do. i feel the same way about congress as i do about the last few crusades of the naacp...


with folk being murdered left & right, gas prices crazy high, kids who can't read, and a war...they have plenty to deal with. i agree with Anwar, most time things happens at a snail's pace & so much time is wasted.

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