Tuesday, June 17, 2008

M.dot's Podcast Ep. 2- Other Peoples Property


Click the above text "M.dots Podcast..." to listen.

Shout out to Gotty for recommending the podcast service.

That shit was getting me heated. I did the 'cast on Friday, but was
having uploading problems.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I really wanted to post it.

As usual, your feed back is appreciated.

TOPICS: Lil Wayne, Black Women as Property, Harlem Children's Zone,
Fist Stick Knife Gun, Filthy


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lil wayne can flow
but disgusted by his topics

Nexgrl said...

I have to really listen to Lil Wayne again. I catch lines here and there, but I don't really LISTEN.

Anonymous said...

that podcast felt way long, like you were talking at ppls. trailing off in the middle of a... can do that.

what about a conversation format to make it more organic? say, between you and filthy?

the most resistance i got when i was in an interracial relationship in HS was with her older sister. then again, this was marin city, which for all its hoodness is located in very gentile -marin-. not like it wasn't a something, i mean, i stayed home when she went to her family reunion...

Model Minority said...

Where you been?
What the hell does that name mean?
Why you never said wassup when I was in Cali?

what about a conversation format to make it more organic? say, between you and filthy?

I have been thinking about it. Though. Arrg. We are both so stubborn we will prooly start beefing in the middle of it.

However when I first started talking to him last summer about unionizing the video vixens the thought that I should record the conversation DID cross my mind.

that podcast felt way long, like you were talking at ppls. trailing off in the middle of a... can do that.
Fuccck that.
Hell yeah, Im talking at people.
Talking to yoooooooooooo.

Dame is ILLAIM said...


Off top I don't think the show was to long....

But this is coming from a person that listens to at least 1, one hour politically orientated talk show a day

I liked the format, and it is very easy to listen to you weave through various intersting topics

On The Wayne...and White People Caking Off of Us.---------

White People are gonna paid regardless to what anybody does...

A Nickel Bags sold in the park...

They want in...

Economic Fact of Life

The Hows and whys..that result in a certain aspect of Black Life getting broadcast thru various form of media are many, quite complicated, and easily debatable from all sides.

I have no problem with people caking off other people..

I do have a problem with certain forms of exploitation of those people and the nature of particular products

I'm Happy David Simon got paid, for giving the world some historic artwork

If you can tho please, could you hook me up with a link to the "Black Pathology" Article/ Interview?

I might just need to be enlightened

The "Boom Right" with the Ghostface in the background was classic ...... I thought you where about to start talking about your Clarks

"Words are Every Thing"

Very Tru...Very Real...

"Young Buck's aren't scared of the Death Penalty, because they are living the death penalty"

That will resonate with me

Looking foward to Ep 3

Model Minority said...

All Ill thank you, long winded tolerance bear.

I still havn't picked a fit, BUT I am at least "clean" now.

Cocoa butter + Lavender in the summertime. NICE.

Trust...that pathology piece is coming....thinking of ways to break it down to a post with comments on MM.

Stay tuned.

chosemerveilleux said...

'Preciate the cast. I've been reading your blog for a minute and its always on time.

I was just talkin with a friend last night about "boostin' ass white folks covetin' our shit" (direct quote, peace to Q) and hell, yes I'm tired of that. I hate to paint with a broad brush, but 9.95 out of 10 white folks are the Borg, and that's not gonna change anytime soon. I say 9.95 beacuse cats like Tim Wise and Macon D over at Stuff white people do call their own out for the B.S. we as Brown and Black brothers and sisters get hit with every damn day. As for the rest of them, business as usual.

What you said about Black and Brown women as property was completly on point. As a black man and a middle school teacher in NJ that sh*t is startin' earlier than ever. And I love our music, all of it, but when 7th graders are spittin' Wayne's lyrics (and anyone else puttin lyrics like that down-don't want to come off like this is all Wayne's fault) verbatum it feels like its on some Jeckyl and Hyde sh*t. The misogyny and the patriarchy in our community, two of the (unfortunately many) "Black Pathologies" that I'm looking forward to hear you comment on in a future podcast and in your blog, look so much like what Massa was doing to Black women back in the day its chilling. My father, a true "old-head" (born in 1925) used to comment when he'd see Black folk acting out of pocket "That sh*t sets Black folk back "X" years" (usually something between 50 and 200 years). Sometimes I think we may very well be setting ourselves back by the nonsense a million years. I exaggerate with that number, but then again, perhaps not by much.

Lookin forward to ep 3!

D Hill, aka M Griffn, but known around the world as brwnsoxx

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