Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spread Love its the Brooklyn Way


Streets to Suites is a film directed by Marquette Jones,
a dear friend of mine.
The first thing that I noticed when
watching this short
is that I felt that sense of anticipation
that typically occurs when I reading a good short story.

I love that "what is going to happen next" feeling.

She is currently working on her first feature titled,
"Round on Both Sides." I look forward to seeing
it as well (hint, throat scratch, hint.)

Jonzey is big on subtext and it shows.
The film has the feel of a music video, but an eye for the small
details that make up everyday life.

In watching this I am reminded to how little we hear
of Black men, who grind everyday in our communities.


The above video Castaway Voters: Felons in Virgina
is by another friend of mine, Garland McLaurin,
who is a filmmaker as well. He currently produces short news
documentaries for American News Project. I was particularly
moved by this piece because of my interest in voter
disenfranchisement, and the right for felons to vote. I was also
great to hear directly from black men, "I want to be a part of society",
that's real talk.

Here are some more videos from Garland.

On the Road to the Inauguration
Eviction Day: Foreclosure Crisis.
Lincoln and Race

You watch anything good lately?
Any thoughts on the two videos?
What will it take to get a good distribution model


Unknown said...

Yes i love both videos i have a basic distribution model online and offline for Good BLack Content i will come back late tonite and post it. I twitted about your post it is very good and informative thank you!

the prisoner's wife said...

i haven't seen much in the way of indie flix lately. have a few i wanna watch in my Netflix Que. just saw Brother 2 Brother again the other night. Anthony Mackie went hard in the paint on that one. some of my favs are "On the Outs" and "Manito"...i did see a joint on the Independent Lens called "La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul" that was pretty hot.

the prisoner's wife said...

oh and this was dope:

Anonymous said...

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Model Minority said...

I liked brother to brother...Mackie has chops....

hotcombpics said...


ray ray, u keep surprising me.


Model Minority said...

Your welcome love.

Eb the Celeb said...

Thx for sharing that first one... and it was shot in my hood.... gotta love it!

Model Minority said...

@ Eb

Oh word.

Thank you for stopping by.

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