Friday, January 30, 2009

Vibrate Higher


A dear friend sent me an e-mail this morning, inviting me
to his wedding and also commenting on my situation with Filthy.
I'm telling you this for a couple reasons. First, as my friend, I wanted to share this good news and my feelings with you. I hope you have some sense of how much I want this woman in my life and what I'm willing to do to create the most happiness that I can for her. Secondly, as my friend, I want you to have this understanding because I hope that you'll accept no less for yourself.
The above paragraph is an excerpt from an e-mail he sent and
it really resonated with me, especially
since I was playing "She Lives
in My Lap
" at the time.

I am moving this week, so I just removed my cd's from under my bed,
and popped Andre in. I haven't seen my cd's in 8 months and I miss them.
They are my old
friends. The D.O.C, Al Green and Fiona all are getting
bumped today.

I have learned a lot about myself in this last week.
Things that I don't think I would have been prepared to
learn or address had I not been been for the love turbulence.
I'm grateful.

Have you learned anything about yourself recently?


RPoeta said...

I am learning that it is okay to cry. I am also learning to have faith in the process

Model Minority said...


Unknown said...

Whenever you listen to The Love Below, there is bound to be some internal drama!

Recently, I've learned that time served in a friendship does not necessarily equate to genuine closeness. I knew this in my 20's, but in my 30's, it looks different. This time around, you keep the friends, but adjust their roles. Still sad, though.

I've also learned (after catching up on the Filthy posts) that we know, in our gut, when it's right and when it's not. We even know whether we admit that fact to ourselves or not.


Your friends love you. Listen.

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