Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy or Scared?


This gives photo gives a whole new meaning to "Rolling Sideways".

Peep the wheels. I don't know whether to be scared 'cuz, I ride J Blue to Cali 2-3 times a year,
or to be happy 'cuz they have pilots who got handles like they been in a few East Oakland side shows.

If SHE don't have to go to L-SCHOOL to be an attorney, why I am wasting my time and money??? Hunh? What?

Looks like Suggie Suge paper got froze the uckf out by the courts.


solitaire said...

Praise be to God, it landed safely. :) Great blog, sis.
Let's do the durned thing and get those shirts printed! (laughs hard)

Hummingbyrd said...

Those t-Shirts would be tight.
I think there is a company online that will sell them for us, provided we come w- the design. Imma holler at some folks and see what I can get crackin'.

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