Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So..I din't die afterall


Sooo. Could this weather be more amazing?
It really feels like the town out in BK 2night.

The good news is that my pod only needed a new charge cord.
So now, Fiona, Al, Redman and Prince are all one big happy family again.
I was so happy when the dude @ the genius bar walked back up to me and said there was something wrong w/ the cord. I could have gave him a wet juicy one RHAT THURE!

Yall know Dwele got a new joint coming out.
I saw it in Sister 2 Sister. Now before you start clowning the fact that I read S2S, understand that EVERYONE needs a magazine. Even if the articles do read like a conversation I had w/ one of my brother's girlfriends when I was 12:(

I saw an interesting discussion over at Crunktastical. They were hollerin' about them Stop Snitching and the We Got That Snow t-Shirts. Its HILARIUM. Please peep it.

Which reminds me of a moment I had in Harlem the other day.
So I am up there.
Went specifically to the Uptown veggie bar.
They have that warm back room eating area where it feels like you are eating your meal in a human hot house. Equisite.
After there, I went to Starbucks on 25th to get some studying juice and on the way out I heard this dude telling the ladies, who were no more than 25 and discussing buying a house/apartment,
"See if ya'll wanna buy a house, you need to let a hussla flip that money for you.
Watchu mean selling drugs.
Naww. It don't gotta be selling dope, It could be any kinda hussle.
I walk outside. And there are 4 middle age men, yellin/ New Ports
New Ports.
I chalked it up to another day uptown."

The first thing I am going to do as a Senator is introduce the :

2012 Negro Accountability Act.
Because "doin' what chu gotta do to survive is no longer an excuse".

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