Friday, September 16, 2005

She did what?????


Just for a change of pace...I am going to go a little more personal in the post. I got inspired by Humanity Critic's blog.

I gave him back the ring yall' and I am moving out.

I had to do it. And you know why. It was the classic, Passion v. Stability argument.
And it really is not good for either of us to STAY TOGETHER just because it is comfortable.

I have 40 hours of reading A WEEK. And I already have a new man. His name is TORTS/CON LAW/ CRIM LAW/ CIVIL PROCEDURE. L-School is so real.

So, all 8 of my blog readers....understand that I am growing new gray hairs from going through this, my dad lovingly calls it "getting wisdom". To a certain extent it is true.

I am sad, relieved and scared. Honestly too, looking at the devastation in New Orleans, and having grown up and witnessed earthquakes AND drive by's. I KNOW Life is precious, and you never GET ANY MINUTE BACK.

As for someone who has NOT been on the scene in a minute....I DID not get the memo that MOSTLY ALL (and I mean the vast majority) of these dudes wanna do is get in your lower bottoms. I mean, I be listening to Big Pooh talk about lets just be friends....but daaaaaaamn. They are really 'bout it like that.

Anybody got that new DOOM MOUSE?
I got the Sean P. It is cool. His verse on Chemistry is hot.
I have been meaning to tell yall that I figured out how to hook my POD up to the radio.
All you have to to is get jack from Radio Shack. It cost $30. Now I can listen to my Fiona/ Prince/Michael mixxx at home. Yippie.

What is that new Roots song I keep hearing all over the city.
You heard that Jay-Z 'bout to put the Roots on. First Kanye, now this.
What if Jay gave Doom, De La a deal. That would be bananas!


Brian Hunter said...
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Danyel said...

sometimes, we gotta do what we gotta do. you know what's right. It's easy to tell by the energy of your post. he'll understand, and be glad you were a straight-shooter, as time goes by.

good luck in law school, and with e'r thang.

: )

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