Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A little of this..A little of that....


Good Afternoon Blog Family.

What a beautiful day it is.

Big Up to my famy Tony Botas for holding me down last night.
I woke up with THE BLUES yesterday and needed some cheering up.

I finally dawned on me by leaving my ex, not only was I leaving the *hit I do
not like about him, but I also lost my best friend.

The good news is that I cooked this weekend. For the first time in almost 2 months. Roasted Organic chicken and baked ziti.
I cooked too much. Gotta learn how to scale, down, lean back and cook for one.
  • The Times article about (White) women at Ivy League schools who want to be momma's has me *ucked up.
  • The gist of the article is that the women at Yale are hyper educated, but are going to leave there professional careers to be mommas.
  • First of all, childcare is an issue for everyone, from the poor to the affluent.
  • Secondly, systematic problems deserve systematic solutions. I got that from Martha Burks book, Cult of Power.
  • Why didn't the article talk about Europe and how they handle childcare?
  • Why wasn't the article more imaginative about what kind of future this country would have if there was institutional child care for everyone!
  • For that matter, it could have discussed the PRIVALGE of being able to graduate from YALE and be a full time momma. Cuz guess what, your baby daddy is workin 120 hrs/week to hold down the fam.
Terry McMillan on her Ex
Essence: Why did you fall in love with Jonathan? Terry: For the same reason that most people fall in love. He made me melt. [HOLLA].

New Books
  • The Commitment by Dan Savage. Dan does the savage love column in the voice. It looks pretty interesting. I like when men write about their family. That is how R.M. Harris useta be, then he started writing 125th books, which is cool, but it is not real to me.John Edgar Wideman writes amazingly, honestly and vulnerably about his family.
  • Tananrive Due has a new one out called Joplins Ghost. Can't wait to read it. She is simply someone who will keep me up all nite reading her book, and then it will follow me into my dream. With the way my schedule is now, I may have to get up early this weekend, go to B & N and handle it in one sitting.
  • Gordon Parks has a new biography out titeld Voices in the Mirror. Seeing his book made me think that I should make a list of black folks who I would like to see a biography from.
My Single B-Day
Can you believe that I am about to have my first single B-Day in half a decade on Tuesday? It falls on the Jewish high holiday so...I can get me kick it on Monday night and go to brunch in the morning...heeeey.

Leave comments. Please. I like 'em blog family.


Danyel said...

good book news. gracias!

also: cook for two. just buy some Gladware (speaking from exerience).

: )

Anonymous said...

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