Saturday, October 08, 2005

When we start the evolution all they prolly do is squeal....


Fader Magazine is dope this month.

There is a story on Hip HopÂ’s Untold storiesÂ….some vintage NY flicks of Biggie, LL Latifah and Jay-Z. It reminded me that everything that we see in HH evolved from another place. Remeber how Trace Mag useta be good.? Thats how decent this issue of Fader is.

Fader also represented the Bay quite lovely. There is an article on Baby Jaymes, Oakland’s own funkadelic, entrepreneurial, singing sensation. There is also an article and Rukus magazine which tauts itself a a magazine about Bay Area Rap Culture. It is good to see that there a people within the Bay writing about bay artist. Like Pfife said “I Never Let a Statue tell me how nice I am.” Sitting around waiting for external validation will have you DEPRESSED every time. Please believe it.

On L School

Speaking of depression. L-School is real. And I feel like I am getting the hang of it. After I had some major realizations last week about:

  1. The importance of building relationships w/ professors in order to have them write reccomendations that I need for summer jobs.
  2. How my colleagues are shameless about only interacting w/ me if they feel that I have something to offer them.
  3. Why are very few Model Minorities in the profession to begin with. There is little if no support system and you are required to be focused, on, in the zone, at ALL TIMES.
  4. The fact that I need to stop sitting on my mentor request letters and mail them out. Everyone is afraid of rejection, granted. But I also need to politic with the entertainment attorney that I know from NYU. ****That is a mental note.

On Loving the Love

Thank god for making SagittariusÂ’s. I have met one and I am good to go. Please believe it!

Step the Food Game UP

Someone needs to come up with a service at Craigs List where they will go to the Farmers Market (for veggies), Whole Foods (for berries for smoothies and natural sodas) and Chinatown (for Catfish, Tilipia and Salmon) ‘cuz I did all that *hit this morning and it was real. In the rain Fam. The good news is that I have some ingredients for these evenings Asian Salmon salad jump-off (Go Martha), but navigating all those people, with all those bags is tiring. From now on, when my friends say lets get something to eat, Imma say, *igga lets get some groceries so we can cook. Word.

New Music.

I canÂ’t wait to listen to this, this and this. Can you believe that they came out with another album?

Danger Doom Tuesday.

Tuesday 10/11/05

I know that everyone else except for me, (thanks Jase!), has had it since the summer. But honestly, I think I need the album now more than ever. So there!

I am going out to Black Moon a little Fiona and lately I have been feeling MosÂ’s Umi says....Shine your light on the world....shine your light for the world to see....


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