Thursday, October 13, 2005

Getting My L-School Game Up....


That is how my brain feels, for real.


1. 40 hours of reading/ week is THE reality.

2. Keep in mind that YOU are responsible for teaching YOURSELF the material. The professor is a guide. Can you believe that ISH. We pay all this cash to TEACH OURSELVES.

3. Be prepared to get little sleep.

4. Get to your first day of classes 20 minutes early. You may have to sign a seating chart, and you do not want to be stuck in the back if you have a vision/hearing problem/.

5. Some people are friendly. Some are not. Expect it.

6. 3 ways of interacting with your professors,
During class, at breaks, during office hours.

7. Continue to exercise and take your vitamin C.

8. Build relationships w/ your professors at the outset. You will need them to write you recommendations before the end of the first semester.

9. Study group selection is like being picked out for the kick ball team in 3rd grade. Its painful especially being a negro...but "Whatattygonnado?"

10. Going to the movies will become your friend....

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