Monday, October 10, 2005


New Books
Who wants to go see the slavery show with me?

There are also a couple of interesting books out right now on Slavery and New York.
I am most interested in the North Eastern shipping, insurance and banking industries.
Has anyone ever written that book? (LIGHT BULB, DING!)

I googled slavery and New York and found this, and this .

On that note, I am going out to some Pete Rock, Donnie Hathaway.


James Richards said...

What up fam! Missing you here at NYU. Good luck in this brave new world.
As for New York Style slavery, there are great stories such as Venture Smith:
Especially his relationship with his wife Meg. It's something we don't see enough regarding slavery.

Queens is representing at last on Model Minority


Hummingbyrd said...

Awwww family....Glad you made it through....keep coming back

Anonymous said...

ME!! i wanna see the exhibit. holla!

Anonymous said...

oh, my bad. marquette.

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