Monday, November 12, 2007

Brooklyn's Million Dollar Heist


Fresh from watching American Gangster,
I read this article about a million dollar heist in Brooklyn.

While reading it, all I could think was who does sh*t like this
and lives to tell about it?

Sean Gardiner at The Voice breaks it down,

Word started circulating in certain nefarious circles in Brooklyn in early 2006 that 40-year-old John Allen Davis was a mere shell of his former dope-dealing self, having been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis for a month and spending more than a week of that in a coma. One of his eyes was partially closed, he could hardly hear, and he needed help just to walk. He was "food," robbers were saying, ripe for the picking.

On January 19, 2006, some robbers recruited a big thug named Derrick Gordon and laid out a plan to satisfy their hunger. "They tellin' me they got a food," Gordon later told investigators. "They tellin' me they got a drug dealer with a hundred thousand at the house. Whatever, whatever. They say it's going to be easy. He just gonna give it up."

Then it gets super egregious because the kid caught by popo learns
that the cake was a 7 stacks, NOT 6.

The payoff wasn't immediate—the guys who recruited Gordon for the job told him that Davis had placed a "voodoo" curse on the money and that it had to be "washed" first. Gordon didn't believe in that shit, but what could he do but wait? He eventually got his cut: a sweet $15,000. Not bad for a guy making $10 an hour doing deliveries for Fresh Direct. Though it may not have exactly been easy come, the 15 large was easy go.

"Blew it up on anything, partying, having a good time," he recalled. "It took me about two weeks."

It was only three months later, as he sat in the squad room of the 63rd Precinct and listened to two detectives lay out the case against him, that Gordon realized how his partners in crime had screwed him—"royally," as his attorney put it.

While Gordon was doing the dirty work, his friends had found two duffel bags in an unlocked closet in the house of Davis's girlfriend. Inside the bags were 10 bundles wrapped carefully in black garbage bags and then encased in clear plastic wrap. Each bundle contained $100,000, making it a cool $1 million that the robbers had whisked out of the closet.

Man. It hurt just reading that sh*t.

Tell me you wouldn't be singing like a canary if you
out you got vanilla-vaselined like that?


If someone did You wrong like that, would it be time
to suspend "no police code" and take it to the streets.

Or would you sing like Mariah's canary?


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