Thursday, November 22, 2007's Gratitude.


Dearest Model Minorities,

Thank you for helping me learn how to unapologetically call myself a writer.

I now declare it with enthusiasm.

Thank you for coming back and making comments.

Thank you for your support throughout the dee dee fiasco and subsequent
move and transition.

Many people are lucky to have just have friends.

Good ones are hard to come by.

I am fortunate to have an online community where we can talk
about Rap, Feminism, Black Political Thought and NY Times articles
ad nauseam and I am greatful.



Anonymous said...

AnyTime Hun

M.Dot. said...

Of COURSE IT WAS YOU who responded.

I THINK that along with, TPW, you are my OLDEST READER.


I am juiced that you still stop by.

My bad for fronting on you in May.

The day that I was suppose to meet up with you in the park, I had just received devastating news re: one of my law school grades.

Like. Get me Martini's and My momma STAT, cuz Im going down.

(I know that I spoke to you about this before, but there is nothing like public recognition.)

I don't want you to take it as an indicator of my integrity.

THAT SHIT just F*cked me up.

However, at the end of the day.

All we have is our word.

And I am glad that. YOU. responded to this post.

Anonymous said...

Of course your welcome

Beautyin bmore

The Minority Reporter said...

Wow...this post makes up for everytime you've called me a cow.

I 'preciate u too!

She Hate Me said...

We ALL appreciate you, M.

I appreciate the jokes and the "What's for dinner?" discussions.

I give thanks to you, for being someone who I can candidly talk to about my shrinking Patron problem (yeah, I haven't had a drink in a week! Isn't that something?).

Keep rolling into '08 and beyond.

M.Dot. said...

shrinking Patron problem

Duly noted.

Ummm. How was t-giving?

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