Friday, November 09, 2007

Wesley Got no Love for the Redneck Juries.


Wesley Snipes, Taxes and Rednecks. So, your boy Wesley's tax
evasion case is up, and he is trying to get a change of venue citing
how racist Ocola County, Florida is:

The motion, which seeks to have the charges dismissed or the trial moved to New York, describes the area as "a hotbed of Klan activity where the Klan adopted highways to commemorate the Klan and the Confederate flag flies over government property."
Hell naw at a "Hot bed of Klan activity."


If Bernard Kerik (Guiliani's former police comissioner) was a black man,
he would be toast, with some cream cheese and a side of butter or strawberry
jam if you like it sweet.

Authorities have alleged that Kerik took tens of thousands of dollars in services from benefactors and never reported it as income. Earlier this year, he rejected a plea deal, and his attorney insisted he had done nothing wrong.

An indictment would be the latest chapter of a downfall that began within days of Kerik's nomination in 2004 to head the Department of Homeland Security. At the time, he was billed by the former mayor as a no-nonsense, self-made lawman who helped restore calm following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

But the nomination was confronted with news reports about stock-option windfalls, his connections with people suspected of doing business with the mob and overlapping extramarital affairs with two women: Judith Regan, the publisher of his memoir, and a city correction officer. The liaisons reportedly occurred in an apartment near ground zero that had been set aside for rescue workers.

Kerik, 51, who married his current wife in 1998 and has two children with her, apparently became close with Regan while writing "The Lost Son," in which he described being abandoned by his prostitute mother.

Kerik rose from cop to Giuliani's correction commissioner in the late 1990s. From there, he became police commissioner and later went to work in Iraq rebuilding the country's police force.
So. Hold up, he did all this sh*t and Giuliani just got the
Pat Robinson nod?
Politics. Bedfellows. Strange.


Bush nominee dresses up in Black face, ahem, BRONZE face, a
Dred Lock, wig and A prison uniform and STILL THINKS she is
going to keep her job.





A Halloween party where a Department of Homeland Security worker won praise for a costume of darkened skin and prison garb may stall Senate confirmation of the party's host for a second time.

Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said Wednesday that she has placed a temporary "hold" on Julie Myers' nomination for the job of assistant homeland security secretary for immigration and customs enforcement until Myers answers questions about the party, including why photographs of her with the costumed employee were destroyed after questions were raised.

"As the leader of that organization, she should have immediately recognized the problem and asked that person to leave," said McCaskill, who has raised previous concerns about Myers' nomination. "And what really happened was, she judged the costume as one that should get a prize and be recognized and she had her photograph taken with the person in the costume -- and only later came back and apologized and said it was a problem."

Hold up. So she hosted the party. Judged the costume.
Took pictures with the employee.


When she learned that her new appointment was on the line,
she thought.
"Aww. Sh*t. My bad."


I wonder if one of those @ss itch liberals are going to figure
out how to blame this on Hip Hop.

An 18-year-old student opened fire at his high school in this placid town in southern Finland on Wednesday, killing eight people before shooting himself in a rampage that stunned a nation where gun crime is rare.

The gunman was rushed to a hospital in Helsinki with a gunshot wound to his head after the shooting at Jokela High School in Tuusula, some 30 miles north of the capital.


Is Wesley snipes tripping or what?

What would you do with the money that you
spend on taxes?



The Minority Reporter said...

"What would you do with the money that you spend on taxes?"

Get out of debt (student loans and ish)

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i been to Ocala, he ain't tripping. That's one of the most racist backwoods places i hope to never visit again.

the education is substandard as are the general living conditions of the working poor, he doesn't stand an ice cubes chance in hell over there!

Anonymous said...

If I was responsible, I'd save for retirement. But more than likely it would be spent just like all my other money. On shoes & music.

Model Minority said...

On shoes & music.

10:37 PM

"All we care about is hairstyles and tennis shoes."

Model Minority said...

Aunt Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackie.


Dame said...

Its nice to see a legitimate change of venue attempt that is trying to get away from the bias racist instead of running toward them. I’ll be interested to see how the motion turns out.

The bullshit of Gulliani..and those around him is laughably astounding. Dude is the closest thing to G Dub 2 out there in the race

Pat Robertson is man….i don’t even have the time to address that so called man of God ..and I’m still mad that hey used to take up considerable time on 1 of the 4 channels I had back in the day when I was cable less

Shame….but a lot of us just seen as less then human jokes to many.

All that costume epitomized was structural racism partying

Wesley is on point with this

Sad to say…but I’d prolly waste a good portion my extra tax money…
I would try to cop some stocks tho…

Model Minority said...

Sad to say…but I’d prolly waste a good portion my extra tax money…

Waste on what tho?

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