Sunday, December 02, 2007

100 Hundred Worst High Schools in America.


I found the 100 Best High schools in America. Apparently.

In the winter of 1821, the civic leaders of Boston approved what was then a radical idea. At a time when advanced learning was largely restricted to the wealthy, they voted to create the country's first public high school, open to boys 12 or older who could pass an entrance exam. [That shit is worth so much analysis it, I can't even WRAP MY BIG analytical head around it]. Ever since, Americans have been trying to figure out exactly what public high schools should do. Should they concentrate on preparing the best and the brightest for college? Should there be more emphasis on vocational training? Should students with different abilities and goals learn in the same classrooms, or should they be segregated into different tracks or even different schools? The debate has never been more contentious than now,
I thought, sh*t, why don't we rank the WORST SCHOOLS.

It would be fly.

We could list the principals names.

The Superintendents.

The number of police employed by the district.

The number of suspended students.

The number of 12th graders, the number of graduates.

SH*t would be hot.

The Best Deserve recognition and the worst deserve a chance to
improve, NO?


What is the worst school in your city and why?

Why are school rankings so emotional?



the prisoner's wife said...

it would be too much of an animal, and in some ways, we already have ranked low performing schools. in my district, the new Superintendent (who was never an educator, but rather a Navy man) has made a list of the 30 lowest performing schools and is trying to past some sort of school reform. i remember bloomberg doing something similar not too long ago.

the information is out there. and (ranks all schools in most states).

Model Minority said...



THE 100 worst.

With indepth analysis.

Abuse occurs and flourishes cuz that sh*t happens in the dark.

Bring it to the light.

To the light yo.

POPS said...

ironically, the worst high school in Boston probably is English HS, the same one mentioned in the article...

Anonymous said...

Public schools destroy the planet by exploiting childless taxpayers.

Owen Eden said...

My parents were in the midst of a divorce and I went to live with my mother in ST. Louis. I was going through a lot in those days and I withdrew from most everybody but stayed focused on school, the wrestling team, and my part time job so I could buy an old wrecked Chevrolet Impala. I was always tired then and dressed like a slob. I wore sweat pants a lot and a heavy downcoat that I never took off. I was unattractive with a lot of pimples. To that end, I never bothered trying to fit in. I knew my place. I knew high school was not forever. Therefore, I did not get caught up in the BULLSHIT that goes on in every high school bathroom and locker room. And with the burned out faculty and staff, and with the essentially "feral" kids. In my opinion, Life is always one big high school. and, it is always what you make of it.
I did want to mention, I knew kids that dropped out of high school for various reasons. Many (if not most) DID go back and when they did, they really excelled because they were finally ready. There is only so much one can do.
High school for most people is just something you have to do.

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