Friday, December 07, 2007

What Policy Makers Don't Know About the Hood.


There are some cats, and I repeat some, that don't trip off doing a bid.

Their rationale is
I got caught let me do my time, stand tall and I will
get out
when I get out. I thought of this when reading an article a
about a dude that allegedly shot a police officer
and was quoted as
saying "let me get on my way" in response to
the charge that he may be facing the death penalty.

The killer of a Pittsburg police officer said in court Friday that he was fine with being sentenced to death but had no interest in hearing from the slain man's family, telling a judge, "Let me get on my way."

"I'm not asking for sympathy," Alexander Hamilton, 20, said in a Martinez courtroom before formally being sentenced to die for killing Officer Larry Lasater after robbing a bank in 2005. "I got the death penalty. I ain't got no problem with that."

But he told Judge Laurel Brady of Contra Costa County Superior Court that he didn't see any point for testimony by the slain officer's family. "Let me get on my way, plain and simple," he said.

This got me to thinking about how POLICY makers don't see
that the threat of jail time ISN'T a deterrent to some, a substantial some,
to committing crime.

Stick up kids is out to TAX. The stick up kid rationale is "if I get caught, then
I will deal with it then."



In other Frisco news, the City has instituted gang injunctions.
SAN FRANCISCO (Dec. 5, 2005) -- City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced a groundbreaking municipal-federal partnership to pursue civil injunctions against gangs in San Francisco in an effort to stem the rising tide of gang-related violence plaguing City neighborhoods.

Civil gang injunctions -- which have been used with remarkable success in Southern California since 1980 -- involve civil lawsuits against gang members to prohibit conduct that constitutes a public nuisance, including loitering, carrying pagers, blocking traffic, vandalism, trespassing, conduct associated with drug trafficking and a variety of other activities.
Ummmmmmmmmmm. Ok.

The ACLU ain't having it.

The ACLU is asking the Court to continue the hearing and direct the City to provide constitutionally adequate notice to all the individuals whom it intends to serve with the injunction so that they may have the opportunity to appear in Court and contest the allegations against them.

“To issue this injunction on October 30th would deprive persons of due process rights and give the police a roving community warrant to impose these probation-like restrictions, and potential criminal penalties, on anyone they consider a gang member or associate.”

The injunction will impose a 10:00 pm curfew and other restrictions on anyone who is served by the police with the order, regardless of whether they have their day in court.

The bug out is that the recently 'Frisco GANGS have claimed responsibility for
KILLING FEWER people, which has resulted in lower murder statistics.
The last gang-related homicide occurred in May, Northern Police Station captain Croce Casciato said. Police say the reasons for the decrease in violence are varied, but few can argue against its scope. The alleged gang members who have been targeted maintain that they — not outside forces or the injunction — are most responsible for the turnaround.
Thats some bugged out sh*t.


Vallejo gets a Black Mayor.

I wonder if E-40 gonna perform at the inauguration?

Vallejo's mayor is finished after less than 48 hours on the job.

Two days after Gary Cloutier was sworn in as the city's chief, a recount of ballots cast in the Nov. 6 mayoral election showed that he lost by a mere three votes.

The city's new mayor is former Solano County Supervisor Osby Davis, according to results posted Thursday by the county elections department.

Both candidates were tied on election day, but elections officials declared Cloutier, 45, the winner after tallying all absentee ballots.

Davis, 62, asked for a recount, and the results showed that he finished with 5,718 votes to Cloutier's 5,715.

Now tell me that every vote don't count!


Spice 1 got shot in front of his momma 'nem house today.

Bay Area rapper Spice 1 is recovering in an East Bay hospital after being shot in his car outside his parents' Hayward home, authorities said Thursday.

The rapper, 37, whose given name is Robert Green, was shot in the chest about 12:30 a.m. Monday in an SUV on the 26000 block of Chiplay Avenue, said Hayward police Lt. Reid Lindblom.

Green told officers that he was sitting in his Cadillac Escalade when someone came up to the window and shot him through the glass. He suffered a collapsed lung, his family said.

Damn homie.
Spice 1 has one of them 'ol school rappin' names.

When I first did a google search for him the Spice Girls came up.
Eeewww. Creepy.


Why you think some cats ain't trippin' off a bid?
What would it take policy makers to see that jail
time is seen as a necessary evil?

Or is it the case that policy makers really ain't trippin'
off of whether crime is being reduced?

It's just like the part in American G'ster where old boy
says a whole lotta lawyers, judges and poilice officers
would lose thier jobs if the war on drugs ended?

Gang injunction. Ye or nay?



Aunt Jackie said...

SF's policy is bullshit on a stick. there are less than 3% black people left in the city and the reigning minority in the majority are the chinese, and their gangs are the sickest but bet your bottom dollar no one is going after them.

this is a program to get grandmother's out of their bay view homes and carry on with gentrification.

they ain't slick!

Model Minority said...

this is a program to get grandmother's out of their bay view homes and carry on with gentrification.

they ain't slick!

Gang removal masquerading and GRANDMA REMOVAL.


the prisoner's wife said...

i don't think anyone truly believes prison time is a deterrant to crime. if it was, we wouldn't have 2 million people locked up in prisons & jails.

from a policy standpoint, prisons are about making people (ehem: white) FEEL safe & as if politicians are "tough on crime." it has nothing to do with deterring crime or even rehabilitation, & everything to do with warehousing the poor.

Model Minority said...

i don't think anyone truly believes prison time is a deterrant to crime.


A lot do.

A lot do.

manaen said...

Or is it the case that policy makers really ain't trippin'
off of whether crime is being reduced?

Or policy makers' view is that crime is eliminated -- from their main constituents'lives -- during the prison time, the prisoner sells no drugs to school kids, robs no stores, mugs nobody on the street, etc.
This shows a short-sighted imbalance in their view because it walls-off crime for a while but neither eliminates its source nor helps the people committing it.

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