Thursday, December 27, 2007

NetFlix Review: Half Nelson had SO MUCH Potential


Shareka Epps is magnificent.

I was so looking forward to watching this DVD.

It was the first one that I Netflixed when I reactivated my
account last month.

I'm was juiced. I had the Trader Joes 2 buck chuck, wasabi snacks
and carmel pop corn cracking, ready to go.

So I am watching it, for ten minutes, and wondering why they are focusing
on Ryan Gosling's crack head teacher character.

Then I realized I realized that while the
story had a ton of potential, it went wrong horribly wrong?

The fact that the first 20 minutes of the movie focused on
the teacher, his crack problem, the problem with his love,
made Shareka's life look secondary.

How are you going to make a black teenage girl,
her white teacher's moral compass.

It was like, he had fallen and she was his redemption.

That sh*t is so codependent I don't know that to say.

It reminds me of all of those movies where either the Black
students are saved by the do good "liberal" teacher or
a Morgan Freeman movie where he is playing god.

Two extreme sides of the same codependent coin.


Have you seen Half Nelson?

Am I being harsh?

Do you pay attention to the screen time
and order in which individual stories
are told in a movie?


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Makeda said...

I understand what you're saying here. But I felt ridiculously that way about Blood Diamond. That scene when the two of them are climbing the mountain - ridiculous. Again.

Half Nelson. Humm. I wonder about that movie. I wonder about most movies with drugs in them - it seems that if it isnt played out before my eyes repeatedly I may not be able to decipher the impact of those drugs on the carachter. Well. Im partial because I like whatshisface and think he's a damn good actor. And she was stunning.

I dont know if I felt that she was his redemptor however - considering the personal spiral he went through and her own inner turmoil. I think the give and take was generous. Kind of like Asia and Africa - like they're both coming from the same historical context and thats why they can move forward together with a much better partnership than the European Union can hope to do in the African continent.

Ive been through your whole blog up until this point - and this is what I choose to comment on. Pathetic.

And word.
To Erykah and the tazer video.
And to integration. Look into whats happening in Toronto right now about some black families wanting all black schools. I dont know where to begin on my disappointed feeling towards this.


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