Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are you Ready to Have a Black Man President? No.


Obama Faces Racism in West Virginia - For more funny movies, click here

The Times
also reported last night on Hillary's rationale for remaining in
the race. Patrick Healey writes,

Rebuffing associates who have suggested that she end her candidacy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it clear to her camp in recent days that she will stay in the race until June because she believes she can still be the nominee — and, barring that, so she can depart with some final goals accomplished.
That video is priceless.

HiIllary knows the pledge of allegiances and so does John Mcain.

Birkhold has some very interesting things to so about Hillaries manipulation
of white racism. He writes,

Hillary Clinton’s statement that “hard-working Americans, white Americans” won’t vote for Barack Obama is quite simply an endorsement of white racism. It also clearly demonstrates what is wrong with American politics.

Because Clinton may be right to say that these folks will never vote for Obama because he’s black illustrates why Obama is needed. Since delivering his now famous race speech in Philadelphia, Obama has consistently challenged working class whites to see the cause of their problems in Washington and in offshoring, not in black people. Clinton, on the other hand, instead of challenging working class whites to rethink how they got where they are, has capitalized on their racism saying that because they won’t vote for Obama, she should get the nomination.

...... A presidential hopeful who capitalizes on white racism to get herself elected is part of the problem and is not interested in making the country a better place to live. At a time when the country needs serious change, we need leadership that will challenge us to change. Because Clinton is using our nation’s unwillingness to change to her advantage, its time we demand she sit down. If we don’t demand this, we also endorse the racism of working class whites.

Macon D, over at Stuff White People Do, also has a post up
on Hillary and Whiteness. He writes,

White Americans tend to overlook the racism of Hillary's playing, in this instance and others, of the white race card, as well as those by her husband Bill, and by other supporters of her campaign, such as Geraldine Ferraro. White Americans commonly overlook such racism because they've been trained into ignoring the more general white supremacist context of contemporary American society.

Democrats are making history this year because for the first time, their nominee will be a person who is either a woman or an African American. While Obama continually downplays his racial status, nearly everyone else foregrounds it. Clinton usually downplays her gender status, and with the exception of many white feminists, who receive little attention in the corporate media, nearly everyone else downplays her gender too. These disparate treatments of Obama and Clinton have more to do with the significance of race, which in this election seems to be trumping the significance of gender.
The White Race Card?

Hillary & White Racism?

What do you think?

The woman in the video stating "I don't think a Black Man
should be president".

The skeletons are out apparently.


Anonymous said...

The scariest part about that video? It's so over the top and offensive that, in 2008, it's almost hard to take seriously; it's like it came from "The Onion" or something. It could just as easily be satirical.

There was a similar clip on CNN about white voters in a poor, rural part of Kentucky that had some the same types of people who wouldn't vote for Obama for the same reasons as these people in WV. Pretty sad when people vote their prejudice over their pocketbooks.

neo said...

"A presidential hopeful who capitalizes on white racism to get herself elected is part of the problem and is not interested in making the country a better place to live." - but was she ever really going to "change" things? Seriously I never thought that...sad for the ppl who actually did. Hillary's seemed from day one to be out for her self-aggrandizement and goal to be president from day one. At least to me

I'm not surprised she's playing the race card subtly. What's funny is the fact that Obama is downplaying is and trying to let folks know hey I can eat on the table 'cos a. I'm human and b. I want the best things in life like you..and those are salient points we all can agree on.

I guess my concern about him being pres. has stemmed from the fact that if he does become pres. white folks will turn a blind eye to white privilege and make it seem like, "well y'all got a pres. so racism is over" and other such related nonsense.

Model Minority said...

it's like it came from "The Onion" or something. It could just as easily be satirical.

The Onion. That rocks.

Model Minority said...

it seem like, "well y'all got a pres. so racism is over" and other such related nonsense.

Racism is over.

neo said...

On your blog maybe.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

life is alright in america if u can fight in america - WESTSIDE STORY

Dame said...

I saw that vid along with the John Stewart one a few days ago…and definitely didn’t haft to do any sit ups the next day…..

Being a native Pittsburgher It doesn’t take much for me to dislike West Virginia, but those interviews only reinforced slightly what I already know

Ahh…the ignorant Americans lol

Yeah…The “Hard Working” White American theme has been irritating me for a while. As Donna Brazile rightfully stated, its disrespectful to all know white people who happen to for lack of a better term…bust they ass every day, and also implies that various groups of non white people are lazy….

Let alone…. The lantent…banter of who or what a “true” American is…

Ish is almost as vexing as the term “African American”

The Birkhold phase
“capitalized on their racism”

Is a very powerful one….

I hate and will continue for infinty to hate the term “race card”, in the context that you are utilizing it I haft to agree that Clinton via her strategists is “playing” it hard. If it is not the former first lady/ Sen. From your state, its one of her often annoying proxys….That the GZA got at in “Clan in da Front”

I look at this in two ways

From the perspective of one who hopes to have a more unified society and a honest discourse about the problems that plague us all, her tactics disgust and sometimes anger me.


From the view of someone understanding politics, and one candidates goal of being elected at all costs, for they know they in reality only have one chance to blow and attain such a prestigious position. I completely understand her insidious tactics

None of this surprises me

And I choose to place the onus on the public at large, not the candidates at large, not the politicians and strategists

It is our flaws they are manipulating

Model Minority said...

It is our flaws they are manipulating

Manip flaws = Power.

Reactionary power, but power just the same.

fuckgoogle said...

been this way since slave ships...

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