Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Knowledge


Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding are beautiful things.
With that in mind, I request that you fill out this tiny, short,
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I LIKE feedback.

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I have been meaning to share this editorial with you
about Crack.
Its Toure's piece in The Times about the
crack house on his block, titled A Snitch Like Me. He writes,

ONE hot night last summer, just past midnight, I discovered that in the apartment building across the street from my duplex in Fort Greene there was a little crack house.

I was parking my car after a late movie, the windows down because my air-conditioning was broken, when I heard a man and a woman arguing on the sidewalk. I didn’t know them, but they weren’t new faces to me. In the four years I’d lived in the apartment on South Oxford Street, I’d walked past them many times. They were constantly moping around the block with glassy eyes, scratching themselves, and muttering. Any New Yorker could tell they were crackheads.

I never gave much thought as to why these two crackheads were on my block so often. Some days in Fort Greene you walk past celebrities like Adrian Grenier or Colson Whitehead or Mos Def. Some days you walk past a crackhead.

Some days Mos Def. Some days a crack head.

That sounds like the hood to me.

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D Rox said...

That's not just Fort Greene, that's Downtown BK All Day... lol
I can realte to your post 100%.

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