Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get Back


Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.
I had no idea how responsive and affirming the feedback
would be.

M.dot will be doing them once a quarter.
The findings are interesting:

82.4% of you want me to write more about politics

64.7% of you said that you would listen to an M.dot podcast
depending on how good they are.

There were also some comments that I found particularly interesting.
I have provided excerpts below.

"Love your commentary on women, because it is something that I rarely understand. If you talk about hip hop make sure to include those songs in podcasts. I also love the talk about other topics that seem so distant but you somehow tie together using your random collection of data. Gotta love tieing together information. Yessir."

fuck us. talk bout what you want. as epmd said "dont give the people what they want". give them what they dont know they need. besides that, fuck other peoples opinions. where would any good journalist, musician, whatever be if they did?"

"The cogent stream of consciousness posts & hot linx keep me hitting up your blog. What's your view on the non-profit industrial complex that'll likely end up employing me out of college?"

I am glad that you all like it here. In many ways your comments
came at a time when I am in the midst of a meaningful transition
and I am grateful for the kind words.

So, if you will excuse me. I have to go work on a podcast. *****Wink.


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