Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blacks and Women, What if I am Both?


By Wang Xiao Song

can always tell when my personal life is in turmoil because
will be very few posts. But then again, I blog through crisis as well.
I guess it cuts both ways. First, my internet was down last weekend.
Then, the Barnes and Noble
didn't have lap top plug. Finally, on Sunday,
SJ told me he got (post holiday) cold feet.

Then I started trippin' off the fact that my sister, for some reason,
thought that because we were
living in the same state that I should
feel obligated to to kick it with her on Christmas. Did i mention
that I have not rocked with her since Clinton was president.

That girl needs a 12 step program and Jesus before I f*ck with her.

She and our momma got funk that predates my existence on earth.

I am not touching that with a ten foot pole.

The good news is that my old school homie, d-shot contacted me
and we ironed some '03 funk out and have re-connected.
It's weird with those historical friendships. Its like, you want
to be cool with the person again, but sometimes the moment has passed.
With her, I feel like I made the right choice. She sounded the same,
and seemed happy to hear from me.

I felt compelled to post this morning, before I went to Glide, when I read this
article in The Times about Race and Gender in the presidential election.
Sentences like this, on the history of Voting Rights for White women and
Black people, make me feel so invisible it ain't even funny.
Of course the authors have no idea.

“The movements have been so deeply linked, and usually in harmony,” said Sara Evans, author of “Personal Politics: The Roots of Women’s Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement and the New Left” and a historian at the University of Minnesota. “But there will always be points of tension, too,” Ms. Evans said, especially when the broad ideals that blacks and women have typically shared — in their fight for the vote, non-discrimination and economic equality — give way to the nitty-gritty of reaching consensus, setting policy, passing legislation and, in the case of elections, making choices
What the highlighted fragment really means is WHITE women and
Black people, but they expect us to make the inference.
The problem that I have with it is that language reflects

the accepted notion that this issue is ABOUT Black men
and White women, that is if you let the media and the academic's
tell it, it is. I can't help but read that and think,

well what if I am apart of both groups?
According to this article, that overlap is irrelevant.

The article does a interesting job contextualizing this history of
the abolitionist movement/Voters rights movement.
Peep the dialog between Candy Stanton and Fredrick Douglas.
During a heated meeting in New York City’s Steinway Hall in 1869, Stanton wondered, “Shall American statesmen ... so amend their constitutions as to make their wives and mothers the political inferiors of unlettered and unwashed ditch-diggers, bootblacks, butchers and barbers, fresh from the slave plantations of the South?” At which point, Douglass rose, paid tribute to Stanton’s years of work on civil rights for all, and replied, “When women, because they are women, are hunted down through the cities of New York and New Orleans; when they are dragged from their houses and hung from lampposts; when their children are torn from their arms and their brains dashed out upon the pavement; when they are objects of insult and rage at every turn; when they are in danger of having their homes burnt down... then they will have an urgency to obtain the ballot equal to our own.”
Fredrick Douglas, go hard, hunh?

How come the two movements were unable to see that it was
only together that they would


When you fall out with your old school homies,
do you leave the door for
re-entry wide open or a little cracked?

Why do n*ggas get cold feet?

Why didn't the abolitionist and the womens rights cats continue to
work together?
Did they not receive the Willie Lynch memo?




All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

well id hope u vote for person who best reflects your politics, for me, Im a libertarian, but Paul and Obama will be what my voice boild down too....hanks for th drive by....and did u read this poor mr or mrs next president

Anonymous said...

Why do n*ggas get cold feet?

-Gotta save money on valentine's day. lol, i keed i keed.

I was always wondering what your standpoint would be, being related to both supposed support groups of those two candidates. Issues are issues, but still. :)

M.Dot. said...


Are you fucking serious?

How can you be black and be a libertarian?

Black republican...depending on the circumstances, I can see. Black libertarian, HUNH?

I went out on a date with a dude...and after ten minutes I was like N*gga are you a libertarian?

He answered, affirmative.

To me, that shit is like being a Gay republican. Like. How do you do it?

All that darwin shit masked as rugged individualism being sold on an "american dream platter" all bad.

M.Dot. said...


You ain't shit.



My opinion.

Um. I look at the candidates on a case by case basis. Lately I have been experiencing some Clinton Fury the more I think about how welfare to WORK fare effectually ensured that the baby mommas on assistance would remain impoverished, unless there was an education AND childcare compenet of >>> to WORKFARE.

M.Z. said...

Key to relationships/I'ma let you know/never start one til there's no trace of snow/the more you listen, the more you'll know/now follow the flow/scoop a girl on may day/so you wont break the bank on pay day/push up too hard she'll think it's fate/so keep it light on the dates/key thing to remember is you got til november/so either you can be gone like clef/or prepare your pockets for death/Christmas and Valentines Daay/Holidays or Hell-days?/regardless of what they say/it's anyones guess/but believe she wants nothing but the best/so if you dont see potential/leave her ass with the rest...

As for old school homies, I leave the door cracked. I generally fall apart instead of fall out with people, so I usually don't have a problem reconnecting with people. I just have to remember why we fell apart to begin with.

Anonymous said...


I'm just playin'
Cinnamin Hearts path to the bath (that sounds like a hot line), rose petals, candles, and some GOAT Mr. Vandross on 14th for wifey. You already know.


Word on the street is Ms. Clinton supports the patriot act. That shit doesn't fly up here in canada. Word to Nas, Fox and AZ.

And I hear you, single mothers MORE THAN DESERVE further and or MORE education to EMPOWER themselves BACK into the workforce. Sometimes that unexpected event reroutes career paths, I know that sounds bad but I mean those single mothers that are struggling by.

Model Minority said...

it's anyones guess/but believe she wants nothing but the best/so if you dont see potential/leave her ass with the rest

Talking that yack, I see.

Model Minority said...

I just have to remember why we fell apart to begin with.

Things Fall Apart.

neo said...

@ Old school homies: I try to but if after conversation I find we don't share the same ideals, values anymore its best to just let it go..

Dudes get cold feet 'cos its cold ain't warm no more..the love might be gone, shoot the love might just be done...

sorry to hear about seemed pretty happy about dude.

White women are WHITE women. Ain't nothing changed save the boobs in front and the curves on the frame..

Model Minority said...

Dudes get cold feet 'cos its cold ain't warm no more..the love might be gone, shoot the love might just be done...

sorry to hear about seemed pretty happy about dude.

You rappin' now....
Why thank you Neo.
Its still good money.
Love is love.
Sh-t just takes effort.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the book : "All the women are white, all the blacks are men, but some of us are brave".

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