Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Model Minority: 5 Movies, 2 Days, 3 Abortions


I watched 5 movies this weekend.

It wasn't on purpose. I got sick. They
were here. So I figured I should watch them.

The movies were, Palindromes, Planet Brooklyn
Short Cuts and Juno and The Eye 2 (Hong Kong version).

Ok, so I didn't really watch ALL of Short Cuts.
Altman is interesting. But. Lets not and say that
I did.

I am not a 3 hour movie person.
My nick name is humminbyrd for a reason,
I keeps it moving.

Ironically, three of the the five movies had
abortion as a meaningful aspect of the plot.

That was kind of creepy to say the least.

In Palindromes and The Eye 2, the characters struggled
with it. In Palindromes, cats GOT murked BECAUSE
they conducted abortions.

Juno, was unapologetically witty and smart lead.
Her character that reminded me of how rare it is
that we NEVER get to see smart lead teenage characters.

However, her response to her pregnancy was underwhelming.

I think the clincher was the lack of anger from either
one of the parents. Or the fact that there was too much
snark and not enough anger.

I mean. You don't have to condemn the child, but dude, you
walk in the house, pregnant and 16, sparks are gonna fly.
Voices will be raised.

Somethings getting broken. A lamp.
A chair. Something.

Trust, I know how hard I ride for mommas, so I am not
saying that Juno should have been vilified.

I was just expected a different kind of tone.

Especially after how the nuance and darknesses associated
with the adopted parents was treated. The script nailed
that 'ish.

For me, it came down to the fact that, when the women
I know, married or not, wealthy or struggling,
or in between for that matter, get the news, they ALL struggle
with the decision, even if it is for a day or two.

Juno. I just couldn't believe her.
She needed more people.

It was almost like the problem that I had with Knocked
Up. The tone that should come with the internal searching
that a pregnant woman goes through just wasn't reflected
in the movie.

Did I enjoy myself. Of course. I laughed out loud.
I just felt that it was worth noting that these three
movies touched on the same subject and handled it
in a different way.


You seen any of the above movies?

Palindromes was weird is hell.
Todd MAKES ME harder then I would
like to when I am sick with a fever and sore throat
and my mind is pretty freaking fast.

Whats up with folks making these
movies about pregnancy with the tone about
abortion thats akin to a tampon commercial?



T DOT said...

That Ellen Page.

So smart, and so sassy.

Good girl from Halifax too.

East coast girls HAVE THAT SWAGGER.

Especially them Newfies and them Soctians.

Sometimes that air of education and wittyness just adds to their attractiveness.

Great movie too.

M.Dot. said...

Good girl from Halifax too.


Thats right.

Canada IS in the building.

Aunt Jackie said...

i read somewhere that Juno was this years Little Miss Sunshine. I found it to be a Pro-life wingnut of a story line, fortunate enough to have good talent attached.

i got it from the bootleg man, 3 for 5 and i'm glad i didn't see it in the theater.

the prisoner's wife said...

i saw "Planet Brooklyn"....got suckered in by Butterfly & Bonez, and the title, of course (go Brooklyn!).

the prisoner's wife said...

btw: you've been tagged.

Model Minority said...

i saw "Planet Brooklyn"....got suckered in by Butterfly & Bonez

SO close to doing a post on Bonz's swag.

I mean. There is something dumb fly about 'em.

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the prisoner's wife said...

SO close to doing a post on Bonz's swag.

I mean. There is something dumb fly about 'em.

maybe those big ass lips? lmao

(thinking of how he was actin in Brooklyn Babylon).

or maybe it's because when Vibe was the isht...HE was the man dropin' science. he was sorta like the male dream hampton.

Model Minority said...

HE was the man dropin' science. he was sorta like the male dream hampton.

I totally forgot about that.

Man...Don't even mention bk bblyn...I got STORIES....

the prisoner's wife said...

you always got stories lol

M.Dot. said...


I love you........*wink wink...you know me too well. Thats kinda scary ma.

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