Friday, January 25, 2008



Image from Stripper Polaroid Set on Flicker

Thanks to Rafi, my google reader game is
I have always had a knack for finding news links,
but scrolling through google reader gives me the
same feeling I had in
that dream where everything
in the March Jacobs store was $3.99.

Ok. Not quite. But similar.

Peep the range of articles, yet how snugly they fit
into our corner of the internet.

I found a blog about working girls.

I became a "working girl" because an odd confluence of events in my life. First, my fiance left me, quite abruptly, for a stripper. I was, of course, traumatized. I needed to get my mind off him, and entering a series of forbidden encounters with relatively anonymous men seemed like the only thing immersing enough to do the job. It was perhaps a way to punish him (he knew what I was doing, and felt awful about it), and was also a strange way to remain attached to him. Additionally, I was fascinated by the stripper he'd left me for. We'd had lunch. By Western Beauty Standards, she was much less beautiful than I (although her body was pretty fucking fantastic). But there was this certain way that she was sexual: she felt powerful, in control, confidant, like she knew every crevice of her sexual being. She was, quite obviously, a professional. I was an amateur then. I didn't know a thing. I wanted to be a professional too.

While reading this I couldn't help but think,
isn't this why cats love the Vixens or at least the IDEA
of the vixens. The notion of a woman knowing every crevice
must be appealing.


Top 5 Folkey Covers of Rap Songs.
I have seen the other videos
but this one is new, to me.

That's actually NOT that bad. In a laid back, sedated
almost depressed way.


These fools have analyzed Rappers reading levels based
on song lyrics.
Somehow, I feel like there is a better
use for this tool.


And Finally the 9 most Racist Disney characters.

I am so glad they mentioned the crows from Dumbo.
Even as a little kid I knew something was hella outta pocket
about them.


LA is opening weed vending machines
I am going to have to see that to believe it.
Holy crap, what country is LA in? I mean, last time I was there I was surprised enough at the billboards offering medicinal marijuana cards, but this is insane. Starting on Monday, people who have medical conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, and the deadly not-stoned-enough virus can start getting their fat buds from special "AVMs." These electronic drug dealers won't be out on the street next to a Pepsi machine, of course. No, they'll be "housed in standalone rooms, abutting two dispensaries and protected by round-the-clock security guards.
I imagine that they will be in The Bay by next Tuesday.


Your favorite rappers government name is up at
Clipse Malice--------Gene Thornton Jr.
Clipse Pusha T-----Terrence Thorton
Flavor Flav-----------William Jonathan Drayton, Jr
Freeway--------------- Leslie Pridgen
Killah Priest---------- Walter Reed
KRS One-------------- Lawrence Krisna Parker
Masta Ace------------ Duval Clear

Elliott Spiter is trying to TAX COCAINE. He is a fool.
Guess the subprime fall out has
folks looking into
some creative revenue streams.

Among the hundreds of proposals contained in Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s second executive budget, which he unveiled on Tuesday in Albany, is a provision that would impose a $3.50-a-gram tax on marijuana and a $200-a-gram tax on other illegal drugs, like cocaine.

We took a look at the fine print to better understand the details of this legislative proposal — which, incidentally, is very similar to a proposal that Mayor Edward I. Koch put forward in 1988. (That proposal, to tax illegal drugs in New York City, also at a rate of $200 a gram, did not come to fruition.)


Internet links are such a time suck.

When was the last time you got online "just to check your
e-mail" and you looked up and an hour and a half
went by?

What are your favorite sites to peruse? Post links por favor.



TCakez said...

I always say 1 hour but usually I'm getting up 3 or 4 hours later. Damn evil internet sucks you right in.

Anonymous said...

Peep StumbleUpon.

Who knew one button could provide days of procrastination? :)

M.Dot. said...

ummmm stumble upon.

Is that right??!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Just be prepared. Shit will have you sitting on your computer for days on end wandering the internuts.

I stumbled on TSS and your site in the past two weeks, randomly.

It's a good app, and besides the google toolbar, is the only other toolbar in my firefox.

M.Dot. said...

really...I thought you been coming here for a hot minute.

Googles stumble upon.

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