Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If I Were President


When I first conceived of this post, errr, 6 hours ago,
I was going to skip the article that Steinem wrote in
The Times
and go for the gusto with the comments section.

The article is about voting based on race or gender.
The commenter's write,

January 8th, 2008 7:18 amLink
Thank you, very well said. Watching the beating Senator Clinton is getting has made me realize that this country was broken at the foundation, when the Constitution did not include women. And why are the young women so anxious to throw away all the gains the prior generations bled for? Is there any hope for our nation?

— SP, North Carolina

Uhhhhh. The same reason why White Women


January 8th, 2008 7:18 amLink
I think the more appropriate conclusion is that those who are both female AND black would have a difficult time reaching to highest heights in politics. If Hillary Clinton was black she wouldn't have a shot. Her whiteness, like Obama's maleness, then, provides them with this shot at the White House. Perhaps Ms. Steinem could have discussed the advantages that Senator Clinton, a white woman, would have over a similarly situated black woman.

— Rob, Washington, DC

Dude. If Hillary Clinton were Black, Bill Clinton would have major
f*cking problems. It would be more like Bill wh?


January 8th, 2008 7:18 amLink
"So why is the sex barrier not taken as seriously as the racial one?" Could it be because white women in this country have always had a degree of agency that has exceeded that of black men and black women by an order of magnitude? Univeral human emancipation is, or should be, our goal. Your diatribe against Mr. Obama is uncalled for. Moreover, I believe it can only turn voters against Ms. Clinton if she does not repudiate it.

— malnicore, nyc

You know whats cute? I know, based on the writing, that this
is a lawyer.


January 8th, 2008 7:12 amLink
"But what worries me is that he is seen as unifying by his race while she is seen as divisive by her sex."

So what you're saying is.....the last 41 WHITE presidents were chosen because of their ability to bring all factions together? I wonder if this case would hold up in, let's say, Isreal? Hillary is divisive because a majority of people view her as a fake, and haven't liked her from day one. It has nothing to do with her gender. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we're sick and tired of seeing the same political family in office again. Change would be ending the dynasty.

— Jazzence, Los Angeles

Yeah. That same family sh*t is kinda real ya'll.

Tonight, I came across an article by Timothy Noah in Slate,
pointing out the fallacy in
Steinem's article and I realized
that I was at a loss.
because I knew I needed to include
it as well.
Here is what Timothy has to say about
Steinem going to bat for Hillary,
"Gender," writes Gloria Steinem on the op-ed page of the
Jan. 8 New York Times, "is probably the most restricting
force in American life." That is incorrect. Poverty is the
most restricting force in American life.
It's become
somewhat unfashionable to point this out, but I don't see
how it could be otherwise. Given the choice between being
born poor and being born female, which would you choose?
How about, a White Man?


If you could come back as someone else,
who would it be?
Fridah? Jay-Z? Dre?
Bill Gates, lol! Mrs. Bill Gates <<<

Man, if poverty is the most
restricting force in American Life
then what can we do about it? I think on that sh*t every day,

and my conclusion is that you have to go directly to the
and the dads to provide the support they they
arn't getting else where.



The Minority Reporter said...

Duuudddeee I was just talking to someone about that Steinem opinion...Yeah and they tried to give me the ole Yoko Ono "Women are the nickas of the world" quote...NAWWWWWW!

Dre 3000 is what the streets want!

She said, "Why you in the club, and you don't make it precipitate?
You know, make it rain when you can make it thunderstorm"
I'm like, "Why? "
The world needs sun
The hood needs funds
There's a war going on and half the battle is guns
How dare I throw it on the floor
When people are poor
So I write like Edgar Allen to restore

Anonymous said...

I'd come back as myself muhfucka! hahaha

Anyways. I ain't gonna have internet for two days, but i'll have aim on the phone.

My answer to the question you left me with the other day

AZ on Life's A Bitch. Only one i could think of.

M.Dot. said...

oohhhhhh dude.....why erry body quotes comming form Illmatic OCK...shit is real talk tho...I mean....that the shit I get depressed and smoke ciggies and walk to...and I got Asthma.

Anonymous said...

or you can hark back to your Bay roots, and get on some CEO/activist Mary Ellen Pleasant hype.

it is possible to own land -and- be radical, even seditious. rather the power in doing the second is made even more potent by the wealth implied in the first.

me? i've enjoyed being a white male. but if i had my druthers, i'd be michael jackson. minus the creepy child molestation shit.

because even though OJ's innocent, MJ definitely touched those kids.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

nice blog hon do chk me out when u can pls

Model Minority said...

me? i've enjoyed being a white male. but if i had my druthers, i'd be michael jackson. minus the creepy child molestation shit.

because even though OJ's innocent, MJ definitely touched those kids.


Who are you?

"I'm Batman". <<<-----couldn't resist.

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