Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee is a Hood Republican


I have been wondering about who exactly is Mike Huckabee?
No one has been able to explain it to me until today.

He is one of those hood Republicans. Not a regular republican.
But one of those down home, chicken, ribs and raccoon Republicans.

Few of Huckabee’s critics have actually come out and said what many of them think. The language is coded, as it usually is with class and race in this country. The Wall Street Journal, the anti-tax jihadists at the Club For Growth, the National Review – these pillars of Old School Republicanism have signaled that Huckabee is Not One of Ours. But they’re careful to say it’s not about class, because, of course – it is!

Class war is forbidden in the Republican playbook. But Huckabee, despite an inept last week of campaigning, has forced the Republican party to face the Wal-Mart shoppers that they have long taken advantage of. He’s here. He’s Gomer. And he’s not going away.

Not none of that fake Bush 41/43 Texas by the way of Connecticut. But. Huckabee has actually LIVED in a trailer Park AND has eaten raccoon.
He said he used to eat squirrels, cooking them up in his popcorn popper. Ewwwwhhh!

The word on the street is that the people feel him,
Huckabee has been telling people in Iowa that Republican higher-ups would never let him become the nominee because hehas a hick last name.” Wow. I’d like to be in on that focus group.
I find it interesting that he brings class diversity,
albeit, by default, to the forefront presidential debate.

Romney has his work cut out for him.

I suspect that the evil ads will start flying in about TWO seconds.

I wonder what is going through Hillary's head right now.
Oh. Perhaps it won't be Obama/ Gore '08 but

Obama Bloomberg '08.

Imagine the history books.

A Jewish Dude and a Black dude, in The White House.


Nas Likes Himself and His Fans as well.

"I'm hyped right now," the usually laid-back MC told MTV News backstage approximately an hour before showtime. He was itching to get onstage, especially since he was trying a couple of new additions to his show: a small live band, and legendary producer Marley Marl backing him as the show DJ.

"We've been practicing out in California," Marley — showing no sign of having suffered a heart attack earlier this year — said as he waited to get behind the ones and twos.

As showtime grew closer, Nas revealed he wanted to do a very short run of venues across the country — he's performing New Year's Eve in L.A. — because he did not put out an album this year as promised. He didn't want to leave his fans with nothing.

As the show started, Marley Marl cued up the classic record he made with MC Shan, "The Bridge." Nas walked out wearing shades, a white T-shirt with a peace sign on his back, a gold rope chain and a New York Mets hat that he quickly threw into the crowd. Marl and the band also all wore white tops and Mets hats.


Chuck D wants to run Def Jam.

They would let Flavor Run it before they let him.
"After 10 years looking on the collapsing of the record industry, and upon hearing the news of Jay-Z stepping down from Def Jam, I would throw my name into the hat of somebody who understands how the hell Universal should establish the name-brands they acquire with stockholders money," Chuck D told


I ain't stupid. I noticed how CLEMENS is getting the
the steroid allegations. Here are the
results when you
google Clemens and Steroids.
Here the Bonds and Steroids results. They appear, gp, to be similar.

But I noticed one major difference.

Where is the Clemens expose book?

Why aren't journalist clamoring to write and
cash in on this story?

Hmmp. Look like a little baseball Elvis going on to me.


Only on MM do you get Huckabee, Steroids and Chuck D.
God Bless America.

Obama surprised you, hunh?

What would be your move if you were Hillary?



Kid Che said...

Don't know about turning the steroids controversy into a racial issue. The media crucified mark macguire just as quickly.

As much as I love the notion of Chuck D in a position of power, the sinking ship that is Def Jam/Universal doesn't seem to be a good fit.

But please PLEASE don't give Flav any more facetime.

Anonymous said...

Obama, yes.

Bloomberg...not so much. He needs to stop party switching and figure out who the hell he is before I can take him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hmmp. Look like a little baseball Elvis going on to me.


Oh no doubt.

Unknown said...

Happy 2008, girlie!

I know it's been a minute, but I'm back in the loop.

Clemens IS getting a pass, but are we really surprised? Stephen A. talks about it all the time -- that's why I love him (plus he's from Queens!).

As for Hillary, I don't know. She's supposed to lay the smackdown tonight in the debate, but I'll have to hear about it on Meet the Press.

Hope all is well.

M.Dot. said...

Bloomberg...not so much. He needs to stop party switching and figure out who the hell he is before I can take him seriously.

the party switching keeps things interesting.

Anyone who is anti poverty and dedicates resources human, mental, and financial to addressing it is cool in my book.

M.Dot. said...

Happy 2008, girlie!

I know it's been a minute, but I'm back in the loop.

Whats good ma?

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