Saturday, February 02, 2008

Erykah Badu Now


Erykah, Erykah, Erykah. What can I say.
I remembered the first time I saw her in Vibe,
right before the "On & On" video came out.


Other than Amel Larrieux, no one was on that
laid back, I am going to let my lyrics speak for it self I
don't give a f-ck if you think that I'm
weird sh-t.

It was tight.
She was a nappy, with a big 'ol head
and wasn't "bigger than a minute" as my
would say.

Erykah was a movement.

Erykah sings Happy Birthday to Raekwon. Courtesy of Grand Good.

You may have liked her,
hated her, thought she
was fake, but at the end of
the day you had an
opinion about her.

Openly expressing your life for her put
you at risk for being called, a tofu-eatin',
coffee shop dwelling, boho.

My response was always I like my ignorance,
and I like my light.

From Woody Allen to the Wedding Crashers
I am going to like what I like.

Good art raises questions, so what more
can we ask for from an artist?

To this day, Baduizm, is one of those self-righteous
delicious albums that you can clean your house to,
get your mash in to, ride down Highway 1 to- its simply
that versatile.

Second runner up is Worldwide Underground.

The melodies, the beats and the over all lightness
made that an album enjoyable.

That heartbeat on
I Want You.

I never really got into Mama's Gun, even though
Bag Lady still knocks to this day.

Lets not get into the alleged impact that
she has on men. If you listen to the
homies at Oh Word Baduizm is a disease.

But we all know, if Baduizm were a disease,
cats would be holed up in their rooms
disinterested in a cure.


What's your favorite Badu joint?

You notice how she keeps her children out
the spotlight?



All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

I love her music and disposition. how ya livin and chk this out. now this is a real woman. chk this out he has a Coretta.

M.Z. said...

I like Erykah'style, to rapper's she is a disease. Can't say good or bad, but you what happened to Com & 3000. Can't pinpoint one song, but as a casual fan I dig her discog.

On the other hand...

Amel Larrieux is my girl. Bravebird is a heavy listen, but nice the same and Infinite Possibilities is straight late night cruising music. Trouble is cool as well.

Model Minority said...

Infinite Possibilities

Unmatched in how perfect it was for that era.

the prisoner's wife said...

ahhh, the badu

how can i distill it down to just ONE song? i mean, there are just so many. but i will give you some of my top no particular order.

a. green eyes: cuz we all had some real i think i'm jealous of your girlfriend drama.

b. next lifetime

c. bag lady

d. in love with you ft. Stephen Marley: i'm a sucka for a raspy-voiced yardie with a guitar.

e. on and on

f. i want you: LOVE the beat & the rock-infused outro

g. didn't cha know

h. appletree: gotta know how to pick yo friends.

Model Minority said...

. appletree: gotta know how to pick yo friends.


matt said...

yo you buggin, joe. mama's gun is classic shit. that joint is by far badu's best joint. that whole album got me through a nasty, hard, year and a half depressing type breakup joe. my eye's is green cause i eat a lot of vegetables.

yo, she put her sole out there for the whole world to see. thats the type of brilliance that can only come from somebody who is getting to know themselves better because they have to to survive. worldwide underground was some reactionary, i ain't trying to actually deal with my break up with common type shit. that album was like a rebound relationship.


M.Dot. said...

worldwide underground was some reactionary, i ain't trying to actually deal with my break up with common type shit.


Hi dude.

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